• Introduction
  • Rating Framework
  • Prominent Advantages
  • Rating of the Power Station

    Shanghai Fuluona Business Credit Investigation Service Co., Ltd., a fully-funded subsidiary of our group, is a third party service provider, which is specialized in providing quality rating service to professional green energy projects(PV power generation station projects included) and evaluation of investment risks. Upholding the principles to be professional, independent, objective and just, the company provides the market participants with a one-package solution for risk management of the entire life of green energy project assets.

    Fuluona Credit Investigation is equipped with teams of risk rating talents from first-tier financial institutes, prudent evaluation report product system, and a complete set of state-of-art big data cloud computing platform. By means of the factor analysis method, the company observes the industrial development, diagnoses the technical level of the power station, and monitors risk factors of the project, thus establishing a professional and accurate power station rating framework.

    Fuluona Credit Investigation has established a profound business cooperation relationship with strategic partners such as Huawei, as well as mainstream domestic financial institutes including banks, rental firms, foundations, trusts and securities. The company aspires to become a green-energy rating institute and intelligent-energy big data analyzer of best competitiveness in the world. The green energy rating service offered by the company is becoming an important access standard for power station investment and financing of mainstream domestic financial institutes.

    Rating Framework

    The rating framework is consisted of the spider diagram rating, comprehensive level rating and IRR value evaluation models. Through quantizing, systematizing and multi-dimensionalizing the risk factors, it presents the rating results in three ways of the online model, online data and offline technology. Also it analyzes the cash flow and tests and inspects the rating results with pressure.

    Spider diagram rating model

    For each project, it gives quantized evaluation of the risk factors from five dimensions in the two aspects of power generation capacity and power station. The power generation capacity covers such five dimensions as the project quality; the radiating, grid and land resource value; the fluctuating rate; the design; and the operation and maintenance. The power station then involves such five dimensions as the power station quality, the pressure test, the financial affairs, the power generation and power digestion.

    Comprehensive level rating model

    Establish the weighted evaluation model based upon all related factors to carry out the comprehensive level rating for all power stations.

    IRR value evaluation model

    Build the IRR and ROE asset evaluation models by collection and analysis of various relevant data to rate the asset values of all power stations from the perspective of investment revenues.

    Analysis of cash flow

    Build cash flow model based on known risk factors, predict cash flow by prediction of the power generation capacity of the power station, and calculate such parameters as IRR, NPV and ROE of the assets. Predict the cash flow statistics, fluctuation rate and distribution with the Monte Carlo Simulation Model by reference to the historical data of the power generation capacity of the power station, thus evaluating the revenue risks

    Prominent Advantages

    Thanks to our mature technologies for power stations, diversified experience of power station operation and maintenance and risk control, Akcome has prominent advantages in four aspects

    1 Accurate inspection technology

    • • Considerably higher inspection coverage than third party inspector institutes
    • • Error calibration technology system proved by long-term practices
    • • Rich onsite inspection experience of the frontier inspection technicians

    2 Enriched EPC construction experience

    • • Establish an accurate evaluation system for the instruments, equipment and project quality with enriched EPC practice experience
    • • A great number of data and materials accumulated through long-term tracking and recording of the amount of power generated

    3 Mature power station operation and maintenance team

    • • Establish a leading remote big data collective control system made by Huawei, and a comprehensive digital control system
    • • All-round project experience lays a solid foundation for acceptance, operation and maintenance of the power station

    4 Professional credit rating team

    • • Senior credit rating expert
    • • Solar irradiance geographic grid database, atmospheric haze geographic grid database, grid-connected digestion geographic grid database, PV power station development risk all-covered library, PV power station operation and maintenance optimization database, and artificial intelligence machine recognizing mode library.

    Factor Analysis Method