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    Founded in Sep. 2015 with a registered capital of RMB10 mln, Suzhou Huicheng Power Inspection Co., Ltd. is a third party inspection institute of independent corporate capacity for inspection of PV products and power stations, and for rating of PV power stations, which is specialized in such businesses as the inspection of PV products/power stations, technical consultation services, analysis of power station performance and quality, and power station rating.

    In possession of experienced inspection technicians, top-notched inspection equipment and instruments for the power industry and PV industry, Suzhou Akcome Power Inspection Co., Ltd. upholds the philosophy to offer high-standard requirements and quality service. With a proved error calibration system, the company has inspected 900MW of PV power stations. Based upon results from the field inspection of power stations and laboratory analysis and test, the company issues authoritative third-party inspection results, and performance/quality analysis reports for construction, operation and transaction of the PV power stations, with high inspection coverage. Currently, its primary clients include owners and investors of PV power stations.

    and Service

    Customized Inspection

    Customized Inspection:

    1 national-level PV power generation expert and over 10 professional inspection engineers in the industry


    Enriched inspection experience:

    By systematic diagnosis of multiple power stations, the company has inspected totally 900MW capacity of PV power stations


    Professional inspection tools and equipment:

    Inspection tools as calibrated by National Institute of Metrology and inspection equipment as made by first-tier brands


    Professional inspection procedure and report:

    Standardized inspection process and quality evaluation standard, with inspection coverage greatly higher than third party inspectors and professional inspection reports issued;

    Inspection equipment:

    Inspection Items

  • Inspection of PV materials

  • Inspection of PV products

  • Power station acceptance inspection

  • Performance Test for PV power stations

  • Calculation of PR value of PV power generation system

  • Evaluation of overall values of the power station

  • Evaluation of power station operation