• Power Selling Business
  • Carbon Trading
  • Big Data
  • Focusing on each living scenario in the future, Akcome is dedicated to not only allowing the masses to purchase steady electricity at a low cost, but turning each electricity consumer into the terminal of the “Intelligent Source”. Through accurate consumption observation and great investment in scientific R&D, it enables the consumer to buy, use and sell electricity as freely and conveniently as on Taobao, thus making the use and consumption of energy intelligent, decentralized, free and fragmented.

    As the opinions on reform of the power system are issued and specific measures are clarified, the new round of power system reform has entered the stage of full implementation, which covers six aspects of the price reform on power transmission and distribution, construction of power market, organization of transaction institute, lift of control over power generation and use plan, reform on the electricity selling side, and supervision of self-owned power plants. Also, it means energy consumption inclines to the consumer’s side as scheduled in the coming 5 years.

    Traditionally, the power generator will sell the electricity to the grid company that collectively sells to downstream clients. The proposal of the reform on power system will break down the monopoly selling of electricity by the grid company and lift the control over the power selling market, making the electricity sold in a market way.

    As the large-scale photovoltaic power generation enterprise in China, Akcome carries out the layout of electricity sales market for adapting to electricity system reform and further strengthening professional management of electricity marketing business. The company has established East China, North China, South China, Southwest and Northwest regional sales centers by means of self-funding, and plans to gradually set up more than 20 provincial-level electricity marketing companies nationwide to develop electricity marketing business.

    The business scope is preliminarily limited to: electricity sales, development and investment of power projects, design, construction and commissioning of power-related projects, power generation, operation and maintenance of power stations, sales of solar products, and technical service and training, thus gradually laying out the power selling market.

    Carbon Trading

    Beijing Design Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. wholly owned by the company is committed to becoming Chinese carbon market industry service platform, and creating “Online + Offline” industry integration service mode, namely providing information flow, industry training, activity meeting and other comprehensive platform services online based on carbon market network; and providing consulting and measuring business offline focusing on carbon resource development and trading, carbon asset management and enterprise carbon verification so as to finally form complete carbon asset management and operation comprehensive service system.

    Based on basic business, and following policy development, the company gradually develops environmental asset development and management business relating to energy saving transaction and green electricity certificate to strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutions and governmental departments so as to expand the consulting services under the concept of “Low Carbon City/Enterprise”, and create the core value of environmental asset management comprehensive service provider with first-class industry, strong technical strength and financial support.

    Main business field includes carbon asset development, carbon transaction, carbon finance, energy saving development, green electricity development and training service, and so on.


    Regarding Internet, Akcome will promote information data electronization, break the pattern of information asymmetry and enhance energy Internet service efficiency under new technology promotion of mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data. Akcome will create new energy big data platform together with Baidu and Neusoft Group to provide the enterprises with one-stop services, and integrate with data acquisition, storage, computing and analysis centers to develop the cloud services such as intelligent operation & maintenance, power station rating, demand side energy comprehensive management.

    Meanwhile, for adapting to decentralization of energy field power source, energy consumers are transformed into consumers and producers. Akcome will establish Hunan University-Akcome Energy Internet Block Chain Research Center by cooperation with Hunan University, plans to fully construct new energy value chain, and promote the construction of energy block chain to further build the sustainable supplying, green, low-carbon, economic, efficient, open and sharing energy system so as to form new system appropriate for energy block chain technology, develop new commercial mode of energy block chain, and create the energy block chain demonstration base.