Advanced Manufacturing

Specialized in the manufacturing of accessories such as the framework, sectional materials, battery pieces and welding strips, and the production and manufacturing of packaged equipment used for solar power station modules and system racks, with several products taking the leading role in the industry.

Solar Framework

With a decade of production experience as of 2016, the company can produce framework to cater for 8GW modules this year……

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Sectional Material

As the processes are constantly improved, the sectional material output of our Nantong company have gradually been stabilized……

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Rack System

Suzhou Akcome Production Base is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of PV rack system and associated accessories……

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Welding Strip

PV welding strips produced by Jiangyin Akcome Welding Strip Production Base are primarily used for the packaging of PV modules……

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1.4GW modules yielded in 2017, which are widely used in houses, commercial roofs and ground PV power generation systems……

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Solar cell

The company has introduced world-class fully automatic production technologies and equipment……

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