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AKCOME Group and Shicheng Sign a Cooperation Agreement on the Project of Building a Photovoltaic Power Station for Poverty Alleviation Investment worth 1.2 Billion Yuan
On April 11, AKCOME Group and the people's government of Shicheng County signed a cooperation agreement on the building of a photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation investment. Both sides will cooperate in targeted poverty alleviation investment with new energy. To promote the targeted poverty alleviation work of Shicheng County, explore and utilize the land resources that can be utilized for photovoltaic power generation at each poor village and town and economically weak village, it will build agriculture-photovoltaic complemented, forestry-photovoltaic complemented, fishery-photovoltaic complemented power stations, with a total installed capacity of about 150MW. The investment this time is estimated at 1.2 billion Yuan, with the principal capital for the project is 20%, amounting to 240 million Yuan.
Under the historical background of Internet+ and reformation of electric power system, on the basis of experience and resources accumulated from years of development, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, the company has begun to build a business layout of "one body with two wings", namely, with excellent energy producer as the body, and new energy service and new energy finance as two wings. The business expansion of targeted poverty alleviation with photovoltaic industry this time has further consolidated the company's market status as an energy producer. The operation mode of poverty alleviation with photovoltaic industry is good for local government to reach its administrative goal of targeted poverty alleviation, new energy development and replacement of traditional energy, and can also bring positive effects for the company to expand its operation and maintenance scale of photovoltaic power stations and promote the company's sales of photovoltaic products.