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Practicing Core Values of the Enterprise, Enhancing Innovative Thinking Ability--Corporate Culture Practice of AKCOME Jiangyin Base "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes"
To strengthen the understanding of all staff in the core values of the enterprise "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes", experience and feel how to innovate effectively and reflect on their actions and words, enhance their ability of innovation and reformation, according to the schedule and arrangement of the group for corporate culture construction, from April 16 to 17, AKCOME Jiangyin Base launched a corporate culture practice program at the National Defense Park of Changshu with the theme of "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes".

On the first day of the program, AKCOME Group invited Liu Jianping to give a training lecture themed on "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes" who has unique understanding and fruits in corporate innovation and has years of training experience in corporate innovation.

In the training, Liu introduced what is innovation to everyone with humorous language and cases, and adopted teaching modes such as experience and interaction to lead everyone to experience innovation tools such as mandatory association and world's coffee, and taught everyone to how to use innovation tools in the future work.
(Picture 2: The scene of "World's Coffee")

In the class of the first day, the funniest should be the criticism and self-criticism link on the evening. The link sounds very serious, but the teacher has designed it so funny. The members of each team firstly reflected on their problems in work and then performed them at the stage vividly. In the course of performance, everyone's creativity has been fully mined, while the audience at present were attracted by the funny and humorous performance and pondered on the problems reflected by the performance.

Later, three topics were selected from the problems raised by each team, which were then pondered upon in the way of world's coffee. After that, they summed up the problems and raised improvement suggestions. Through discussion, they not only solved their tough issues in actual work, but also reflected on themselves to discover their own problems in innovation work and come up with the right solutions.

(Picture 3: Trainees answer the question of the teacher)

(Picture 4: Performance at the link of "criticism and self-criticism")

(Picture 5: Fruit summary and exhibition)

In the development activities on the second day, activities such as Fishing Joy, Mailing by Courier Station and Creative Box were staged. Among the activities, the most impressive and exciting should be the activity "A Whole Team Cross Rope". In the activity, all members are required to cross from one side of a rope 1.5 meters high to the other side without using any props, and they cannot touch the rope. Some stronger men offered to act as staircases with their body, so that other teammates could cross. They had fully exhibited a strong team cohesiveness and a spirit of dedication. The unity and dedication spirit of the members had touched many of them shed tears.

The development activities on the second day were closely around the theme of innovation and enabled everyone to comprehend the connotation and meaning of innovation in the games. What's more important is that after each program ended, the coach would comment and everyone would exchange ideas. After the activities were over, everyone expressed that through the activities, they had deeply realized the importance of innovation and that innovation can make work more effective.
(Picture 6: Mien exhibition of the orange team)
(Picture 7: Mien exhibition of the blue team)

(Picture 8: Mien exhibition of the azure team)

(Picture 9: Mien exhibition of the yellow team)

(Picture 10: Exhibition of the red team)

(Picture 11: Mien exhibition of the green team)

(Picture 12: A kind of affection called "Let's work hard together")

(Picture 13: A kind of affection called "We are here")

(Picture 14: A kind of affection called "Shoulder the responsibility")
(Picture 15: The corporate culture practice activity of AKCOME Jiangyin Base themed as "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes" came to a successful conclusion)