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AKCOME Group and Guangchang of Fuzhou Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with a Worth 2.5 Billion Yuan

Recently, AKCOME Group and the people's government of Guangchang County of Fuzhou has signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. Both parties will carry out strategic cooperation in the fields such as targeted poverty alleviation investment of new energy, new energy auto and charging pile investment, economic forest carbon sink co-development, finance for infrastructure and PPP project investment, with total investment not less than 2.5 billion Yuan.

Specific contents:

1. Cooperation in targeted poverty alleviation investment projects of new energy: Both Party A and B will jointly invest not less than 1.9 billion Yuan. The people's government of Guangchang County, Fuzhou will make an overall plan of public ceiling resources of education, hygiene, nursing homes, industrial parks and new rural areas and land resources of each town and village of Guangchang County such as unutilized land and general agricultural land for the building of the 250MW solar photovoltaic power station project (which can adopt a mode of agriculture-photovoltaic industry complementation). The people's government of the county will spare no efforts in offering assistance in areas such as related review and approval, and land planning as per the policies. AKCOME Group will be responsible for development, construction, operation& maintenance of distributed photovoltaic power stations and provide supportive financial service. The profit from the investment of the project will be ear-marked by the people's government for poverty alleviation of the areas under its administration.

2. New energy auto and charging pile investment project: The project will be carried out under the overall strategic deployment of Fuzhou regarding new energy auto and charging pile, and will be used to support the basic public transport construction of Guangchang County.

3. Forest carbon sink cooperation project: To promote the green and low carbon development of Guangchang County, enhance the benefits from additional resources of forestry, both sides have confirmed to co-develop the carbon assets of the 1.80 million mu of forestry resources under the administration of Guangchang County. AKCOME Group will provide businesses such as technical support, development service and purchase of carbon assets at the market price, which will be used to help the county to strengthen the sustainable development of quality forestry resources, enhance the benefits of forestry farmers and boost the county's ecological civilization construction and poverty alleviation cause.

4. Financial cooperation in infrastructure construction: In order to promote the urban and industrial development of Guangchang County (including industrial parks, infrastructure and municipal roads and pipelines), AKCOME Group will introduce 500 million Yuan to actively enhance the financial cooperation with the people's government of Guangchang County. Public-private partnership will be achieved in the infrastructure projects of the people's government of the county through the modes of governmental purchase service and BOT.

Under the historical background of Internet+ and reformation of electric power system, on the basis of experience and resources accumulated from years of development, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, the company has begun to build a business layout of "one body with two wings", namely, with excellent energy producer as the body, and new energy service and new energy finance as two wings. The business expansion of targeted poverty alleviation with photovoltaic industry this time has further consolidated the company's market status as an energy producer. The operation mode of poverty alleviation with photovoltaic industry is good for local government to reach its administrative goal of targeted poverty alleviation, new energy development and replacement of traditional energy, and can also bring positive effects for the company to expand its operation and maintenance scale of photovoltaic power stations and promote the company's sales of photovoltaic products.