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Corporate Culture Promotion Activity

Practice the Company’s Core Values, and Improve the Innovative Thinking – Practice of the Corporate Culture of “Innovation Continued and Change Welcomed” in Jiangyin Base

According to the schedule of construction of corporate culture in Akcome Group, the activity to practice the corporate culture of “Innovation Continued and Change Welcomed” was conducted in Changshu Defense Park in the Jiangyin Base from April 16 to 17, in an effort to strengthen the staffs’ understanding of the company’s core corporate culture, experience and feel the effective way of innovation, reflect their own behaviors and thoughts and improve their innovative and adaptive capacities.

On the first day of the activity, Akcome Group invited Liu Jianping, who has unique understanding of corporate innovation and personnel training, to give the training course themed by “Innovation Continued, and Change Embraced”.

In the course, Liu introduced what is innovation with humorous language and cases, and took the participants to experience innovative tools such as Forced Connection and World Coffee and taught them how to use such tools in the work in the future. In the course of the first day, the link of Criticism and Self-criticism was most interesting. Although the link sounds serious, it’s designed to be quite intriguing. Each team member first reflected the issue in their jobs, and showed it in the vivid way of short play. When their creativity was fully explored during the performance, the audiences were attracted by the humorous play and reflected issues contained in the performance. Then, three topics were selected from the issues proposed by each team and expounded in the way of World Coffee. Meanwhile, improvement opinions were raised. The discussion not only addressed the issues in actual work, but reflected their problems in innovation, thus helping find out the solutions.

In the second day of the promotion activity, such programs were staged as the Good Fisher, Sending Letters in the Posthouse and Innovative Box. Among those, the program Conquer the World in Group impressed them the best. In this program, all team members were required to cross from one side to the other side of the 1.5m long rope without assistance of any tools or touching of the rope. Some strong men stood out and put their own bodies as steps to help other members finish the task, which fully embodied the cohesion and contribution spirit of the team. Some audiences were even touched to tears. The promotion activity on the following day was closely centered on this topic to make the audiences understand the new connotation and significance of the game. More importantly, upon end of each program, the coach made comment to engage all those participants to reflect and communicate. Upon completion of the activity, they all said it made them profoundly understand the significance of innovation and it was the innovation that made the work more rewarding.