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Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary

Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of Akcome Group
The 10th Anniversary of the foundation of Akcome Group was successfully held in the Zhangjiagang Stadium
Zhu Xun and Lu Yiming, famous hosts of CCTV, hosted the ceremony
They paid tribute to the staff for their contribution in the past decade with wonderful performance
The ceremony was shared through live broadcasting
It brought a sense of gratitude, excitement, expectation and future
For the past decade
Akcome staffs made constant innovation and embraced the changes
By a decade of continuous struggling
The past decade served as igniter of a promising future
Driven by the 100bln-worth goal,
Akcome will head to a brighter future
Let’s join hands to advance together to the next decade
Head forward to our dreams
Will you join us