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Friendship Basketball Game

“Active Akcome” Friendship Basketball Game 2015 Successfully Concluded

To enrich the corporate culture and staff’s spare time, strengthen the team awareness, collective sense of honor and mutual cooperation and communication of all departments, the President Office held the “Active Akcome” Friendship Basketball Game 2015. Through preliminary team building and signing-in, totally 6 teams participated in the game, including the Jiangyin Metal Team, Suzhou Metal Team, Film New Material Team, Akcome PV Team, Zhongkang Industry Team and Energy Engineering Team. On Sep. 14, the opening ceremony of the Basketball Game was held on the basketball court, where Ms. Guan Yanping, director of the President Office, delivered a speech.

Through fierce competition of 10 games in three phases in the past half a month, the Basketball Game finally came to a perfect end on Sep. 28, with top 3 teams standing out at last, the Energy Engineering Team ranking No.3, the Jiangyin Metal Team listed as No.2 and the Akcome PV Team winning the top title, which were awarded by Yuan Yuan, vice president of Akcome Group.

This Friendship Basketball Game not only enriches the spare time of the staff, but arouse their passion and confidence to participate in sports. As Akcome has always been focusing on development of the staff’s comprehensive quality, this game deeply implements the culture and spirit of the company, enhances the friendship among the staff and develops their team collaboration. Demonstrating the vitality of young Akcome staffs, the game lived up to the expected effect.