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Selection of the Akcome Star

Xinjiang Farewell Meeting for the Group’s Akcome Star Successfully Held

On July 18, 2015, the Akcome Star tourism farewell meeting was successfully held in the Reporting Hall 202, where representatives from all units gathered together to say farewell to 18 Akcome Stars who would embark on their journey to Xinjiang. Zhang Xidong, vice president of Suzhou Management Center, and Yang Jiulong, general manager of the Information Center, attended the meeting and delivered remarkable speeches.

It was a farewell meeting filled with the dream, honor and love of Akcome.

At the farewell meeting, Zhang Xidong, vice president of Suzhou Management Center, presented a speech to show his gratitude to all staffs for their contribution to the company, his hope that all staffs might take example from those Akcome Stars to make greater contribution to the company, his thoughtful reminding of the matters to be concerned during the journey, and his good wishes to all those present. Also, Yang Jiulong, general manager of the Information Center, expressed his congratulations to those about to set out on the journey, explained the achievement shall be ascribed to them all for their diligent efforts in 2014, and extended his expectation of a greater achievement in the coming year. Moreover, President Yang encouraged the staff to follow those models and hoped more staff would get the honor in 2015.

Afterwards, Wan Xiaochun, representative of the “Annual Akcome Star” from Akcome(Nantong), spoke on the meeting to extend his honor and gratitude for his acquisition of the Akcome Star. He thanked the leaders and colleagues of the company for their trust, support and encouragement, and himself for entering Akcome and diligent efforts made in his prime time in his life. In the future, he would transform his gratitude into greater efforts and bigger contribution to the organization.

Eventually, the leader granted the tourism bonus to the winners and took photos with them. All staffs present at the meeting felt motivated to follow the company’s pace through constant growth, to set contribution as the highest priority and diligence as the pride, and to make endeavors to bring a brighter future for Akcome!