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Beer Festival & Group Wedding

Hilarious Beer Festival of Akcome Group

The 10th Beer Festival and the 4th Group Wedding of Akcome Group was held in the parking lot of the group on July 2. Beer Festival is one of the major cultural features of Akcome Group. On this Beer Festive themed by group wedding, 9 couples from different subsidiaries and clients held wedding of the Han Dynasty style at the blessing of over 1400 guests on site.

The wedding was divided into eight links, the civil ceremony, worship to the heaven, makeup and pickup of bride, cleaning hands and faces, eating and drinking together, cutting their own hair to knot as a heart, holding hands, and drinking of the Lily water. Eventually, under toast by the vice president Yi Meihuai, the wedding came to a perfect end.

On the most popular occasion of the Beer Festival each year, staffs can momentarily put aside their tension in work, and enjoy the wonderful performances and participate in the funny games.

In 2015, the year to develop corporate culture activities in Akcome Group, six major series of activities were presented, including the Merciful Akcome, Diligent Akcome, Pretty Akcome, Active Akcome, Cultural Akcome and Happy Akcome. Beer Festival is the representative activity, and an important activity since establishment of the group. It’s an essential purpose for the group to promote its corporate culture by organization of such activities that can inspire the staffs’ sense of mission, condense the staffs' sense of belonging, strengthen the staffs’ sense of responsibility, grant the staffs the sense of honor, and fulfill the staffs’ sense of achievement.