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Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

Accumulation of a Decade, and Development of a Century – Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Akcome in 2015.

On Jan. 22, the Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Akcome in 2015 themed by “Accumulation of a Decade, and Development of a Century” was successfully held in the crowded Long Wish Hotel in Jiangyin. Over 1000 management personnel, clients and suppliers of Akcome gathered together to share their achievement and passionately talk about the future.

At beginning of the conference, Zhang Xidong, vice president of the Suzhou Management Center, reviewed all achievement made by Akcome in 2015 and proposed the working goals in 2016. As reviewed by Zhang, Akcome made extraordinary achievement in 2015 with steady growth registered in operation. With nearly 10 bln turnover yielded, the company achieved considerable growth as compared with 2014. Besides, the company made sound progress in business transformation, turning from traditional manufacturing and power station business, to financial business, and forming a preliminary trial of business combining new energy and new finance. Management of the group had constantly been deepened, with a complete system of decision making put in place in the group. While the ERP system was put online by the engineering companies, A-round private placement was completed for energy projects. Standing at the starting point of the next decade, we shall carefully summarize the achievements and shortcomings, uphold the value orientation of “Client First, Innovation Continued, Change Welcomed and Contributor Honored”, stick to the development principle of “A Tranquil Decade”, comply with the operation principle of stable operation and steady development, and closely center on the development philosophy of “Internet+” to achieve the 100bln-level objective, thus laying solid foundation for the century-old Akcome..

Afterwards, Zou Chenghui, chairman and president of Akcome, delivered a speech entitled “Accumulation of a Decade and Development of a Century”. Upon advent of 2016, the start of a new decade, Akcome will inherit the past and usher in the future. Amid the turmoil of the industry and capital market of the past decade, Akcome has closely stuck to the PV industry, with its capital rising from RMB200,000 to RMB20 bln, its sales skyrocketing from millions to nearly 10 billion, its employees climbing from 13 to some 5000 both at home and abroad, and its product range from sole PV aluminum product to a diversified pool spanning over manufacturing, engineering, development operation and maintenance, finance and modern logistics. In the decade to come, Akcome will maintain its development momentum and take advantage of the Power of Tranquility to make great advancement through profound accumulation, thus realizing the 100bln-level objective. As interpreted by Zou Chenghui, the Power of Tranquility means: I) “To Go ahead Steadily and Surely with Intensive Efforts”. A company requires to do well not only in maintaining the overall business scale and growth in revenue, but in refining all its businesses and enhancing its core competitiveness with a low-profiled, pragmatic spirit. II) “To Comply with the Trend, and Make Constant Innovation”. To keep abreast with the times, senior management of Akcome shall frequently refer to new concepts, such as 3D Printing, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Energy, in making decisions and planning the business. III) “To Observe Wildly and Pick Undemonstratively, and to Rise Abruptly with Accumulated Strength”. Akcome has preliminarily established its business philosophy, optimized and gradually fixed its mechanism, talent and cultural system. Zon Chenghui hoped, during the tranquil decade, all Akcome staffs could reset their mindsets to rethink their job as a business initiator, keep abreast with the times to follow the development of the company and rapidly adjust their way of working, proactively make personal contribution, and be uncorrupted and self-disciplined to reshape the values with uniform understanding and action. For the decade to come, we shall create and witness the bright future for Akcome with intensive commitment.

Next, the opening dance Drum Dance unveiled the artistic performance for the annual conference, then the fashion show and short play, followed by plays as performed and written by the staffs. The dance Flower Blossoming in Great Times impressed the audiences with the gorgeous ensemble. The violin performance Beautiful Myth made the audience fascinated with the dream-like atmosphere. The chorus Uninhibited Life recalled the audience with its infectious melody of their persistent pursuit of dreams, and the soulful singing aroused thunderous applauses among the audiences. With delicately prepared performances one another, the conference caused unremitted laughter and applause amid the audience. In addition, to promote the interaction between the performers and audiences, the My Favorite Performance in the Annual Conference and the Most Beautiful Photo in the Annual Conference were presented to fully involve the staffs.

It’s worth mentioning that the greeting videos presented by the Xinjiang Qitai Power Station, the Henan Nanzhao Power Station and Nantong Metal greatly moved the audiences on site. Their plain words and heartfelt expression simply showed their good wishes to jointly advance with Akcome. The lottery drawing link during the conference then created an upsurge. When the prizes were unveiled one by one, applauses and cheers filled up the whole venue.

Eventually, amid the melody of the Song of Akcome, leaders of the company and all performers took photos together, marking a perfect end for the Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Akcome in 2015.