• Introduction
  • Advantage and Honor
  • New welding strip product
  • Design Advantages of New Products
  • Welding Strip

    PV welding strip products produced by Jiangyin Akcome Welding Strip Production Base are primarily used for the packaging of PV modules. With cutting-edge production equipment in place, the company yields over 2000t products with RMB100 mln turnover registered each year. In possession of 20 automatic integrated production lines, 10 manual production lines and 2 high-speed bus bars, it is a major welding strip producer in China that can produce in mass low-resistance efficient welding strip, yielded below-60Mpa super soft welding strip, empaistic welding strip, L-shaped welding-free bus bars or other products as customized by the client.

    and Honor

    Product Advantages

    High electroconductivity, low welding point; rapid tin removing and good mobility;

    Super low yield strength and low debris rate;

    Complete infiltration and high weldability;

    Over 10 new products and patents

    Technical Advantages

    Simple operation and stable quality;

    Intelligent, integrated and whole-process monitoring;

    High production efficiency and extensive applicability

    Honor Awarded

    1 invention patent and
    15 new patents already in hand

    New welding strip product



    European and American type of super wide/narrow bus bar

    Key indexes:

    Electrical resistivity ≤0.0223Ωmm²/m,
    welding stress≥10N and lifting power≥1W/pcs


    used for artificial welding, as standby for the client, dimension cut at will



    Multi-grille super-narrow/black interconnected strip roller product

    Key indexes:

    Electrical resistivity ≤0.0223Ωmm²/m,
    welding stress≥2.5N and lifting power≥1.5W/pcs


    Used for over 5 grilles of machine welding, no differentiation of length and only width and thickness to be controlled



    Empaistic welding strip

    Key indexes:

    Electrical resistivity ≤0.0195Ωmm²/m,
    welding stress≥2.5N and lifting power≥2.0W/pcs


    Used to improve the light absorption and utility rate, patterns and angles customizable to the clients’ requirements



    L-shaped customized multi-fold welding-free bus bar

    Key index:

    Angle error: 90±1°,
    reliability strengthened by 100%,
    and power lifted by ≥1W/pcs


    Welding-free to save labor, without loss of contact power and strengthened reliability

    Design Advantages

    New Dynamics

    1.Fully automatic online test SPC production line

    • Only fully automatic online test adjustable welding strip production line in China
    • Real-time online inspection of the materials supplied
    • Real-time online inspection and adjustment of rolling dimension
    • Real-time online inspection and adjustment of annealing and other normal operations
    • Real-time online inspection and adjustment of appearance of finished products as copper leakage
    • Real-time online inspection and adjustment of automatic tin addition for the tin painting and air inlet amount for the air knife

    2. New model of l-shaped welding-free bus bar

    • 2-fold L-shaped welding-free bus bar
    • 4-fold L-shaped welding-free bus bar
    • Labor saved at the client of the module
    • Reduced power consumption of the module/strengthened reliability
    • Leading domestic producer of L-shaped welding-free bus bars

    3.Super-narrow multi-grille machine-welding interconnected strips and super-thin/-wide bus bar

    • A major producer of super-narrow machine-welding interconnected strips in China
    • Internationally renowned producer of super-thin(below 0.12mm)/super-wide(above 8mm) bus bar
    • Already established in-depth cooperation and joint technical cooperation with multiple renowned module producers abroad

    4.Light-absorptive black welding strip/efficient welding strip

    • First domestic company that succeeds in research, development and production of black efficient welding strips
    • Improve the use power at the client by 1-2W/pcs in average