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Client First

  • ● Centering on the clients’ demands, we will provide them with valuable products and services
  • ● Keep in mind the awareness to proactively serve and think for the client, and well lead and manage their demands
  • ● Endeavor to satisfy the clients’ demands, provide favorable client experience and offer them services better than expected

Change Welcomed

  • ● With an entrepreneurial spirit to welcome changes, we have to grasp the rule to enhance ourselves.
  • ● With an open mind to welcome changes, we have to incorporate all and head to the future.
  • ● With a revolutionary mind to welcome changes, we have to keep our mind empty to pinpoint possible opportunities.
  • ● With a progressive spirit to welcome changes, we have to bravely head forward and lead the innovation and creation.

Contributor Honored

  • ● Those who recognize our corporate culture and create excellent achievement and values through constant efforts are contributors of Akcome;
  • ● Those who can make remarkable achievement and have great potential are also contributors of Akcome;
  • ● With respect to the value distribution, Akcome leans to the contributor to the greatest extent, to share with them the honor, wealth and growth achieved by the company. Also, the contributors will help establish the “Creating and Sharing Culture” in Akcome.

Innovation Continued

  • ● To fully enhance the core competitiveness of Akcome through innovation of the product, service, technology, management and mode of business
  • ● Akcome staffs must put the idea of innovation into all links in the work, and improve the innovative capacity through constant study.
  • ● Innovation must be a normal state of work, and innovative capacity must be permanently passed down among Akcome staffs as a basic quality.