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Chairman’s Message

I’ve always been emphasizing that what Akcome offers is far more than a job. Instead of a way to make a living, we render a broad platform for each person of dream, ambition and pursuit. Through joint growth and progress, we hope to gather more talents to constantly expand our career. This is our biggest difference with other industrial counterparts in talent recruitment and our most competent edge in competition.

—— Zou Chenghui, Chairman of Akcome Group

Talent System of Akcome

“The successful always does well in talent scouting, and a good scout can definitely make a success”. Delving into the core of human resources, Akcome is able and good at personnel deployment. By love, recognition, use, tolerance and development of the talent, we have established our completed system for talent selection, assignment, development and reservation, thus guaranteeing talent supply for our company.

Talent selection:

  • Select talents of values compliant with Akcome’s Selection standards
  • Consider the capacity and potential of the talent, including his/her existing knowledge and skills and potential
  • Sustainable development capacity
  • Select those of career expectation and strong motivation of achievement
  • Mindset, attitude and morality more important than capacity
  • Customer satisfaction, instead of personal interest, put first
  • Agree with the idea that the platform’s value and team spirit are always more important than personal capacity
  • Always stay hungry and ambitious, with persistent seeking of knowledge and curiosity

Use of talent:

  • The senior management ensures good use and development talent
  • Explore the peculiarity of talents at all levels to achieve the business objective
  • Respect, develop and objectively comment on the talent
  • With good understanding of the talent, keenly discover, boldly promote and decisively assign tasks to the talent
  • Offer all talents fair opportunity of growth and infinite space of development
  • Formulate evaluation and assignment system specific to the talent, thus ensuring full play of his/her talent
  • Take the initiative, capacity of study, innovation, proactive awareness, spirit of cooperation and awareness of service as important indicators for examination

Talent development:

  • Accomplish development of the talent through on-post practice
  • Give full space and right to show the talent’s competence, and the opportunity to learn and practice
  • Continuous communication, timely feedback of the performance and care of the talent Difficulties encountered in the work
  • Constantly find ways to achieve prominent performance, and learn and grow in practice
  • Believe that innovation is the first power of production, and put it into practice

Talent reservation:

  • Offer each person of dream, ambition and pursuit a broad platform for joint growth and progress, and gather more talents to expand our business, functioning more than simply a job
  • Respect, develop and objectively evaluate the staff’s performance, and create a warm, comfortable, simple and harmonious interior working ambient

Akcome’s existing talent system:

  • Akcome has established an exclusive “Seven-step Talent Program” – Prominent Seed, Starting, Growing, Excellent, Elite, Flying and Retirement, to formulate a complete, clear career planning for talents at different ages
  • A complete set of training system in place to help the staff successfully transform from entry, job rotation to promotion, thus helping the staff enhance his/her own skills; internal instructor communication meeting and business school communication meeting in place to promote the experience sharing and communication among the staff.
  • Provide the staff with two paths of development, toward the management and professionalism. Encourage the staff to develop in both the intensive and extensive directions. Provide the e-learning platform of Zhiniao APP to enable a self-help study mode.
  • Provide the e-learning platform of Zhiniao APP to enable a self-help study mode.
  • Akcome will design many a research institute both at home and abroad to concentrate on the technical research on application, product equipment, Internet architecture, new energy production terminal, storage terminal, transmission station and consumption terminal at all levels of the Internet of Energy.
  • Akcome has well established a talent pool program to collect hi-end talents in the Internet-related industry
  • Akcome welcomes talents specialized in the Internet of Energy field to bravely recommend themselves