• Introduction
  • Product Advantages
  • Quality and Honor
  • Production Introduction
  • Project Display
  • Rack

    Suzhou Akcome Production Base is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of PV rack system and associated accessories, whose products include the ground rack system, roof rack system, BIPV rack system and various customized rack accessories, and who also undertakes the installation and construction of large PV power station projects.

    Ever since its foundation, the company has constantly referred to cutting-edge technologies from the Europe, the US and Japan, and solely researched, developed and produced rack products of Akcome’s characteristics, to present multiple installation racks applicable to various complicated installation environment and of independent intellectual property rights.

    With annual output of 4GW, Akcome ranks top among China’s PV installation rack industry. With constant importance attached to the management of product quality, Akcome has always conducted strict inspection of the product quality in each link of the production process from entry of raw materials into the field, to processing and manufacturing, and to product shipment, thus ensuring the stable quality. Therefore, the solar rack products produced are widely appraised among clients both at home and abroad with quality best in the industry.

    Product Advantages

    A Team of enriched experience

    The team for the design and R&D of rack products is made up of over 30 members, who all have enriched experience of design and field installation and instruction of racks.

    B Diversified solutions

    Over 100 types of rack solutions in stock, including ground rack system, roof rack system, agricultural greenhouse, parking shed, tracking system, and fishing-light complementary system. Different types of system can be coupled with different types of foundation(concrete pile, shock pile and spiral pile) and material(all steel, steel-aluminum mixed steel and special material) for the client to choose. Each set of rack system accords to complete technical materials(e.g. structural mechanics calculation instruction, system installation instruction, 3D analog installation effect photo album and product installation instruction)

    C Control of time and quality cost

    We can design the rack solutions of simple and sophisticated structure, high strength, convenient installation and low cost as required by the client at the fastest pace.

    D Automatic production

    With the self-developed and only software in the industry to automatically generate racks as designed, we can rapidly calculate the racks’ costs and quickly respond to the clients’ demands.

    Quality and Honor

    10 years of quality and 25 years of service life ensured

  • Production Introduction

    A. Ground rack system:

  • 1.Four-row steel rack
  • 2.Four-row aluminum rack
  • 3.Two-line aluminum rack
  • 4.Four-row steel-aluminum combined rack
  • 5.Single-pile rack
  • 6.Adjustable aluminum rack
  • 7.Film module rack
  • 8.Large span aluminum rack
  • 9.Hill-mounted rack
  • 10.Domestic dual-carport parking shed
  • 11.Full-aluminum single-span parking shed
  • 12.All-steel multi-span parking shed
  • 13.Agricultural greenhouse
  • 14.Fishing-light complementary
  • 15.First Solar Solution
  • 1.Four-row steel rack


    Strongly adaptive to the geological conditions, reduced cost for foundation, shortened time of installation, convenient for quick restoration of plantation upon removal and minimized impact to the construction field.

    2.Four-row aluminum rack


    Applicable to locations of high requirement of corrosion resistance, good appearance and excellent resistance against corrosion

    3.Two-line aluminum rack


    Applicable to locations of high content of stone in the soil(over 70%), or the landfill area or flat roofs, with delicate design and stable structure.

    4.Four-row steel-aluminum combined rack


    Applicable to loose soil area of low content of rocks, with less cost for foundation and shortened time for installation.

    5.Single-pile rack


    Advanced design, less amount of accessories and quicker installation.

    6.Adjustable aluminum rack


    Advanced design, module angle adjustable to the season, and 5% to 10% more power generated.

    7.Film module rack


    Applicable to framework-free film module in steel-aluminum mixed structure, delicately designed joints and stable performance.

    8.Large span aluminum rack


    Advanced design, less ground piles used, strong resistance against corrosion and good appearance

    9.Hill-mounted rack


    Advanced design and the rack adjustable to various directions to adapt to different complicated landforms

    10.Domestic dual-carport parking shed


    Simple structure, short cycle for production and supply, rapid installation and low cost for maintenance and replacement.

    11.Full-aluminum single-span parking shed


    Simple structure, short cycle for production and supply, rapid installation, strong resistance against corrosion and charming appearance.

    12.All-steel multi-span parking shed


    Stable structure, and applicable to parking lots in factories, governments and companies

    13.Agricultural greenhouse


    Full use of agricultural land, without interference of the growth of crops.

    14.Fishing-light complementary


    Full use of the space of the pond. Water is good for the heat radiation of the PV modules to improve the power generation efficiency.

    B. Roof rack system

  • 16.Color steel roof rack
  • 17.Color steel roof rack – universal T type
  • 18.Tiled roof rack
  • 19.Cement flat roof – single row
  • 20.Cement flat roof – conjoined structure
  • 16.Color steel roof rack


    Different jigs or joints are designed according to the original structure of the color steel tile to fasten the module, convenient in installation and without interference to the roof structure.

    17.Color steel roof rack – universal T type


    Applicable to color steel roof, light guiding rail, conveniently connected spare parts, economical and practical.

    18.Tiled roof rack


    Applicable to tiled roof, good adaptability and universally applicable.

    19.Cement flat roof – single row


    Applicable to the flat roof, stable in structure and convenient in installation

    20.Cement flat roof – conjoined structure


    Applicable to the flat roof, stable in structure and convenient in installation.

    Project Display


    • Location: Ukraine
    • Scale: 110MW


    • Location: Ukraine
    • Scale: 43MW

    Jiayu Pass

    • Location: Jiayu Pass of China
    • Scale: 45MW

    Inner Mongolia

    • Location: Inner Mongolia, China
    • Scale: 22MW

    Osaka, Japan

    • Location: Osaka, Japan
    • Scale: 2.3MW

    South Port, Osaka

    • Location: South Port, Osaka, Japan
    • Scale: 2.5MW