Manufacturer of Intelligent PV Mounting System
Suzhou Akcome Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturer of PV Mounting systems with 13 years of global reputation.
The company specializes in research and development, production, and sales of PV mounting systems and related accessories, as well as products including fixed mounting systems and tracking mounting systems, and the installation and construction of large-scale PV power plant projects. It has provided PV mounting systems and custom-built mounting accessories for large-scale ground power plants in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other regions. The company also provides customers with PV mounting solutions and technical services.
Since its establishment, the company has been continuously absorbing advanced technology from Europe, America, Japan, and so on, developing and producing its own mounting system products with Akcome characteristics, and forming a variety of mounting systems suitable for various complex installation environments, all while having independent intellectual property rights. Akcome's annual capacity of mounting system is 6GW, ranking at the forefront of China's PV installation mounting system industry. Akcome has always been paying attention to product quality management. Strict quality inspections are carried out from raw material entry to processing and manufacturing, as well as every link of product shipments, to ensure stable quality. Therefore, the quality of PV mounting system product ranks at the top of the industry and is well received by customers worldwide.
Born into the sun
Stands against the light

20%Integral Generation Gains

  • Structure

    Wind Tunnel Test

    CFD Simulation

    Proficient in national standards

  • O&M

    Localization Service

    Localized Inventory

    Rapid Response of 24-hour

  • Electrical

    TIER1 Supplier

    Full Life Cycle Test

    The Most Stringent TUV Certification

  • Quality Warranty

    Warranty of Long Period

    Spare Parts of Extra Quantity

    Authoritative Third Party Insurance

Higher System Power Generation
Integrated with AI Tracking Technology
Stronger Modules suitable for Double-sided/Large size
Reduced Module Shading

Flexible Response On Demands
Solid Quality of Rocks
customer service
From intelligent product creation to full chain on-demand service, Akcome Metals provides customers with a "one-stop PV mounting solution" which stems from our deep perception of PV project scenario applications. From forward service to fast response system establishment, Akcome only strives to be your reliable companion.
global cases
尼泊尔 1MW Rooftop Mounting System
Nepal, 1MW, Rooftop Mounting System
中国·江苏 10MW Rooftop Mounting System
Jiangsu, China, 10MW, Rooftop Mounting System
韩国93MW Mountain mounting system
Korea , 93MW, Mountain Mounting System
国台湾 76MW Ground Mounting System
Taiwan, China, 76MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·安徽 40MW Ground Mounting System
Anhui, China, 40MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·青海 20MW Ground Mounting System
Qinghai , China, 20MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·安徽 22MW Rooftop Mounting System
Anhui, China, 22MW, Rooftop Mounting System
日本 104MW Ground Mounting System
Japan, 104MW, Ground Mounting System
日本 15MW Ground Mounting System
Japan, 15MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·安徽 95MW Ground Mounting System
Anhui, China, 95MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·安徽 150MW Floating mounting system
Anhui, China, 150MW, Floating mounting system
中国·台湾 70.2MW Ground Mounting System
Taiwan, China, 70.2MW, Ground Mounting System
日本 44MW Ground Mounting System
Japan, 44MW, Ground Mounting System
乌克兰 189MW Ground Mounting System
Ukraine, 189MW, Ground Mounting System
韩国93MW Mountain mounting system
Gonghe, China, 86.5MW, Tracking+Ground Mounting System
马来西亚 60MW Ground Mounting System
Malaysia, 60MW, Ground Mounting System
巴基斯坦 100MW Ground Mounting System
Pakistan, 100MW, Ground Mounting System
越南 40MW Ground Mounting System
Vietnam, 40MW, Ground Mounting System
中国·山西 20MW Ground Mounting System
Shanxi, China, 20MW Ground Mounting System
越南 556MW
Vietnam, 556MW
中国·内蒙古 100MW New Material Mounting System
Inner Mongolia, China, 100MW, New Material Mounting System
中国·山西 50MW Mountain mounting system
Shanxi, China, 50MW, Mountain mounting system
缅甸 50MW Ground Mounting System
Myanmar, 50MW, Ground Mounting System
乌克兰 43MW New Material Mounting System
Ukraine, 43MW, New Material Mounting System
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