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Innovation driven

endowing high efficiency
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  • 4.0

    182mm420W (54 version)

  • 5.0

    182mm510W (66 version) 560W (72 version)

  • 6.0

    210mm610W (60 version) 670W (66 version)

  • 21.57 %

    High efficiency

    Nondestructive sectioning techniques, Effectively reduce hot spot loss

  • 9.2 %

    Higher IRRs, Up to 9.2% (vs 182)

    Double-sided, Higher Internal Rate of Return

  • 2.4 %

    Lower LCOE, Decrease by 2.4% (vs182)

    Low attenuation, Gallium-doped technology with less attenuation

  • 1.6 ℃

    Half-Cut design, reduce the module temperature by 1.6℃

    Multi-busbar technology, Effectively reduce power loss

  • Perc-AK iChaser

    Series products
    PERC 182mm PERC 210mm
  • PERC 182mm

    M10-54-Single glass 420W

    MONO 10BB Half-Cut Module

  • PERC 182mm

    M10-66-Single glass 510W

    MONO 10BB Half-Cut Module

  • PERC 182mm

    M10-72-Single glass 560W

    MONO 10BB Half-Cut Module

  • PERC 182mm

    M10-72-Dual-glass 560W

    MONO 10BB Half-Cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module

  • PERC 210mm

    G12-60-Single glass 610W

    MONO 12BB Half-Cut Module

  • PERC 210mm

    G12-60-Dual-glass 610W

    MONO 12BB Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module

  • PERC 210mm

    G12-66-Single glass 670W

    MONO 12BB Half-Cut Module

  • PERC 210mm

    G12-66-Dual-glass 670W

    MONO 12BB Half-Cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module

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