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Going ahead for dreams together, exploring the journey of green energies

Core Advantages

Leading more comprehensive advantages with more forward-looking development.

  • Brand Power

    Top 500 AKCOME Holdings Group
    Dedicated to high efficiency photovoltaic.

  • Insight

    Follow the new trend of the industry
    Insight into the New Direction of High Efficiency Photovoltaic Technology.

  • R&D

    Comprehensive technical reserve
    Advanced solutions for efficient photovoltaic modules.

  • Ecology

    Ecological upgrading of the whole industry chain. Assisting the HJT industry to develop together.

  • Productivity

    Support from six photovoltaic industrial bases. Fully guarantee the implementation of production capacity.

  • Quality

    High-quality product standards.

    Efficient Product Performance.

  • Service

    Carefree Full Lifecycle Guarantee.

    Satisfactory whole process customized

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    HJT cell

    With 12 years of industry wisdom, Akcome Optronics has continuously optimized the enterprise’s advantages in the field of PERC cells and modules manufacturing while committing to the future—focusing on the research and development of efficient photovoltaic technology, and the practice and application of HJT in industry.
  • 24.7%

    Average efficiency above 24.7%

  • 95%

    Double-sided rate above 95%

  • PID

    No PID

  • 4

    The core 4-step process makes it easier to maintain high yield

  • Low-temperature coefficient

  • 100μm

    It can realize mass production of 100μm thick silicon wafer

  • 250

    The maximum manufacturing process temperature shall not exceed 250°C

  • No production of ammonia nitrogen wastewater

  • HJT module

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  • TIER 1

    BNEF 1 Photovoltaic Module Manufacturer

  • 22.53%

    High efficiency

  • 87%-92%

    High double-sided rate

  • PID

    No PID

  • 3%

    Lower LCOE

    Decrease by more than 3%

  • Lower temperature coefficient

    Decreased by 2.96%

  • 10+%

    Higher power generation

    Increase by more than 10%

  • 9.6%

    Higher IRR

    Up to 9.6%

  • <1%

    Low attenuation, <1% for the first year

    -0.25% per year

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    PERC Module

  • 21.57%

    High efficiency

  • 9.2%

    Higher IRRs

    Up to 9.2% (vs 182)

  • 2.4%

    Lower LCOE

    Decrease by 2.4% (vs182)

  • TIER 1

    BNEF 1 Photovoltaic Module Manufacturer

  • Nondestructive sectioning techniques,

    Effectively reduce hot spot loss

  • Double-sided ,

    Higher Internal Rate of Return

  • Low attenuation,

    Gallium-doped technology with less attenuation

  • Multi-busbar technology,

    Effectively reduce power loss

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