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Born to be Unique
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  • 4.0

    182*183.5mm 450W(54 version)

  • 4.0

    182*210mm 460W(48 version)

  • 7.0

    210*210mm 745W(66 version)

  • 24%

    High efficiency

  • 85 % -95 %

    High double-sided rate

  • ≤1 %

    Low attenuation
    ≤1% for the first year
    -0.25% per year

  • 3 + %

    Lower LCOE
    Decrease by more than 3%

  • 30

    Double glass modules
    Life span up to 30 years

  • 10 + %

    Higher power generation
    Increase by more than 10%

  • 9.6 %

    Higher IRR
    Up to 9.6%

  • PID

    No PID

  • High-Efficiency HJT Solar Modules Core advantages

  • Low Degradation

    First year degradation of AKCOME HJT Modules is 1%, annual degradation is -0.25%. HJT modules can guarantee power generation rate of no less than 93% in 25 years, while TopCon and PERC are 89.4% and 87.2% respectively.

  • Non-destructive Cutting

    AKCOME HJT Modules adopts non-destructive cutting process to ensure the smooth cutting surface of the cell, without thermal-affected area, and no loss of current. While conventional cutting surface is rough, with heat affected area of 80-120μm.

  • Low Temperature Welding

    HJT modules adopt the production technology of low-temperature ribbon and low-temperature flux, granting reliability and performance comparable to that of PERC.

  • No PID

    The front and back sides of AKCOME HJT modules are encapsulated by TCO conductive film. Under high voltage and bias conditions, there is no insulating layer that accumulates charges, therefore PID phenomenon is avoided.

  • Low Temperature Coefficient

    Compared with other types of solar modules, HJT modules with low temperature coefficient have less power loss and more stable power generation performance in high temperature environments.

  • Backside Generation Gain

    The back radiation gain depends on the reflectivity of the ground surface and the installation mode of the module, etc. The HJT module benefits from higher bifacial power generation coefficient. The larger the radiation received by the back surface, the higher the power generation gain.

  • AK iPower

    Series products
    HJT 182*183.5mm HJT 210*210mm HJT 182*210mm
  • HJT 182*183.5mm


    HJT Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(18BB)

  • HJT 210*210mm


    HJT Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(MBB)

  • HJT 182*210mm


    HJT Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(18BB)

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