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Pursue Intelligent

Innovative Upgrading
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  • 4.0

    182*182mm (54 version)

  • 4.0

    182*186.8mm (54 version)

  • 5.0

    182*182mm (72 version)

  • 6.0

    182*210mm (66 version)

  • 22.95%

    High efficiency

  • 75%-85%

    High bifacial rate

  • ≤1%

    Lower degradation,
    first year≤1%,Annual-0.4%

  • -0.3%/℃

    Low temperature Coefficient

  • 30

    Double glass modules life span up to 30 years

  • LCOE

    High power generation gain, to reduce LOCE effectively

  • 7%-25%

    High backsidegeneration gain,double glass modules has a power generation gain of 7%-25% on the back side

  • Class A

    Excellent fireproofing performance, harsh environment adaptability

  • High-Efficiency TOPCon Solar Modules Core Advantages

  • High Conversion efficiency

    The special passivation layer brings high efficiency advantages to TOPCon. The highest conversion efficiency of AKCOME TOPCon modules can reach 22.77%, and has great efficiency improvement potential, which can achieve higher power generation output in the whole life cycle.

  • Low Degradation

    First year degradation of AKCOME TOPCon Modules is 1%, annual degradation is -0.4%. TOPCon modules can guarantee power generation rate of no less than 89.4% in 25 years.

  • Low Temperature Coefficient

    AKCOME TOPCon module has a low temperature coefficient of -0.30%/℃, lower than P-type module of -0.35%/℃, with better power generation performance in high temperature environments.

  • High Bifacial Rate

    AKCOME TOPCon double-glass module has a bifacial rate of up to 75-85% and a power generation gain of 7%-25% on the back side, which increases the power generation compared with P-type module.

  • Multi-Busbar Technology

    AKCOME TOPCon modules adopt Multi-Busbar Technology and use thinner grid lines to achieve shorter conduction distance and less occlusion, effectively reducing power loss. With the increase of main grids, the number of welding strips and main grid line welding points increases, and the welding strength is enhanced, thus improving the reliability.

  • Non-Destructive Cutting

    AKCOME TOPCon Modules adopts non-destructive cutting process to ensure the smooth cutting surface of the cell, without thermal-affected area, and no loss of current, which can achieve no mechanical damage, high efficiency, less pollution and other effects.

  • AK iTopper

    Product Seires
    TOPCON 182*182mm TOPCON 182*186.8mm TOPCON 182*210mm
  • TOPCON 182*182mm


    TOPCon Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(16BB)

  • TOPCON 182*182mm


    Topcon 16BB Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module

  • TOPCON 182*186.8mm


    TOPCon Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(16BB)

  • TOPCON 182*210mm


    TOPCon Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module(16BB)

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