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Brand Power

Top 500 AKCOME Holdings Group

Dedicated to high efficiency photovoltaics

Focusing on the rapid development of “Creating Efficiency And New Value”, AKCOME Holding Group drives the high-quality development of photovoltaic module products with technological innovation, and it always adheres to the original intention of advanced and efficient manufacturing with heterojunction cell modules as the core and frame and mounting system as the support, thus realizing the efficient upgrading of the industry, serving the performance of global customers, and escorting the low-carbon future.

  • 300

    Obtained more than 300 technical patents in total

  • 500

    Won more than 500 world-renowned honors in accumulative total

  • No.272

    Ranked 272nd in 2023 Top 500 Global Energy Enterprise

  • No.43

    Ranked 43th in 2023 Top 100 Suzhou Private Enterprises

  • No.98

    2023 PVBL Top 100 Solar PV Brands in the world

  • 40+GW

    Total cell and module production capacity in 2025

  • 2023 PVBL The world's top 100 photovoltaic and the most growing photovoltaic brand award
  • 2023 photovoltaic industry The most innovative cell/module company
  • 2023 PV influence A new brand of photovoltaic cells/modules
  • 2023 Hot and Dry Climate • Outdoor Demonstration Excellence Award (HJT)
  • Insight

    Follow the new trend of the industry and understand the direction of high efficiency photovoltaic technology

    We are all aware of the development trend of the photovoltaic industry today, and the pursuit of more efficient and stable cell modules has become the consensus of dominant photovoltaic enterprises. And Akcome Optronics conforms to the trend from the technical route of products to research, development and manufacturing.

    • Efficient PV

      Although PERC is still the mainstream of the cell module market, restricted by the limited space for efficiency improvement, more efficient cell&modules have become an irresistible trend. Akcome advantages of technology and produc tion capacity in the field of HJT are highlighting its value。
    • Cut-Cell Design

      Half-cut design is the current mainstream. The cut-cell design can effectively reduce the current loss and contribute to the promotion of large-size slices, while HJT has obvious advan tages in the cut-cell design.
    • Large-size wafer

      M10/G12 large-size wafer have become the mainstream of the PV module market. Akcome is well versed in the market. With the gradual release of production capacity, its advantages in large-size and modules are becoming more and more obvious, and the total output of large-size wafers has exceeded 90%.
    • Nondestructive Cutting

      In order to reduce the risk of silicon slice cracking and ensure the yield rate, Akcome adopts the nondestructive cutting process to ensure the smooth cutting surface of the cell, without thermal-affected area, and no loss of current.
    • MBB Technology

      With the large-size silicon slice becoming the mainstream, the MBB technology becomes the inevitable direction. MBB technology can effectively reduce the unit consumption of silver paste and reduce the shading area, which makes the cost reduction effect of HJT increasingly apparent and allows its economy to keep improving.
    • Bifacial Module

      Benefit by the extra power contribution from backside, the application ratio of global large-scale ground power stations to bifacial modules keeps up increasing. While HJT modules benefit from a higher bifacial generation coefficient and the power generation gain is more significant.


    Comprehensive technical reserve, Advanced solutions for efficient photovoltaic modules

    AKCOME Optronics has a cutting-edge R&D team and efficient technical reserves in the field of heterojunction and is committed to providing customers with more reliable application solutions for photovoltaic cells and modules. This is not only reflected in the continuous breakthroughs in product efficiency, but also in the optimization and customization of product selection and scheme design, realizing the continuous reduction of the construction cost of efficient photovoltaic and the continuous growth of operating income.

    Introduction to AKCOME Research Institute

    Established in 2013, AKCOME Energy Research Institute has always been deeply engaged in the research, development, incubation, and application of key technologies of intelligent energy. The research institute team is dominated by top talents with master's degrees and 8-10 years of photovoltaic frontier experiences. Over the past ten years, the Institute has been down-to-earth and has obtained over 300 technology and invention patents through years of accumulation and development, including more than 100 patents in cell-related fields such as HJT, which has become the backbone of AKCOME technology transformation and strategic upgrading.

  • 10+

    AKCOME Energy Research Institute Founded in 2013.

  • 100+

    More than 100 patents applied for HJT cell-related fields.

  • 300+

    Obtained over 300 technology and invention patents More than 300 patents.

  • Ecology

    The construction of the whole industry chain ecology helps the co-construction and development of the HJT industry
    • Silicon material end

      Jointly establish and invest in silicon material production link in cooperate with large state-owned enterprises to establish and invest in silicon material production.

    • Silicon wafer end

      Jointly establish a joint venture with large state-owned enterprises to produce special silicon wafers for heterojunction and sell heterojunction cells based on a strategic partnership.

    • Cell end

      Large-scale procurement reduces the fixed investment costs of equipment, and the strategic partner or related parties provide more cost-effective main materials and auxiliary materials for strategic cooperation.

    • Module end

      In addition to its own cell production capacity, leading heterojunction cell enterprises specialize in providing cell chips to meet the production of AKCOME heterojunction modules.

    • Power station end

      Through cooperation with state-owned enterprises, co-construction of resources, county-wide promotion and other measures, the power station development indicators were obtained, and AKCOME was supplied with heterostructure modules.


    Support from four photovoltaic industrial bases
    Fully guarantee the implementation of production capacity
    AKCOME Optronics’ development direction of high efficiency photovoltaic with heterojunction as the core technology is getting more and more consensus. This is not only reflected in the high degree of collaboration among many customers, but also reflected in the innovation and co-construction of industrial base. Together with China Resources, Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group and other state-owned enterprises and local capital, AKCOME has promoted the construction of heterojunction application base. This initiative not only improves the Company's efficient product delivery capacity, but also makes high efficiency photovoltaic products the first choice of global customers with reliable product quality and superior cost performance.
  • A: New mode of industrial implementation (joint venture+cooperation)
  • B: New upgrade of manufacturing base (mixed transformation+cooperation)
  • Zhejiang•Zhoushan Base

    This is a joint venture established with CR Power and Zhoushan Marine Comprehensive Development and Investment Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the HJT project, with a planned capacity of 3GW efficient heterojunction cells + 9.5GW efficient modules

  • Zhejiang•Huzhou Base

    This is an N-type photovoltaic project industrial base co-built with Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power, located in Changxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang, with a planned capacity of 8.8GW efficient N-type cells + 4GW efficient modules.

  • Jiangsu•Suzhou Base

    The base in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu is for efficient module intelligent manufacturing, with a planned capacity of 5GW efficient modules.

  • Jiangxi•Ganzhou Base

    The base is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, with a planned capacity of 5.4GW efficient cells + 2.5GW efficient modules.

  • Quality

    The construction of the whole industry chain ecology helps the co-construction and development of the HJT industry

    High-quality product standards
    High efficiency product performance

    Cell production line
    We use YAC, AKT, BACCINI, and J&R equipment imported from Japan and Europe, and have realized full-automatic loading and unloading of each process to minimize the impact of manual operation. We are equipped with the industry leading Halm tester, which adopts the German Fraunhofer standard to ensure the consistency and reliability of cell chip. We select first-class raw material suppliers who prepare transparent conductive film using reactive plasma deposition coating technology, which has the characteristics of high mobility, good conductivity, and high transmittance. At the same time, it has the advantages of high cell conversion efficiency, low fragmentation rate and low package loss.

    Our intelligent choice with full confidence

    Your best choice

    Akcome Optronics spares no effort to build a global cutting-edge full set of intelligent production lines to ensure the stability and reliability of each cell and module, and realize the intelligent manufacturing of the whole process of products including R&D, production, testing, packaging, etc., so that the excellent performance of products goes well beyond your expectations.
    Module production line
    The production line has the capacity to produce cutting-edge products such as multi-busbar and shingled modules, and is compatible with high efficiency cells such as PERC, TOPCON, and HJT. It adopts advanced automatic production equipment in the industry and introduces the advanced MES management system, digitally tracks the whole process of product production, and provides customers with high-quality and reliable products; the experiment center is equipped with comprehensive aging box, PASAN simulator, EL tester, dynamic load tester, ultraviolet aging box and other equipment. The test items cover the reliability, safety, electrical performance, and durability of photovoltaic modules and their raw materials, meet the requirements of international testing standards such as IEC61215/IEC61730/UL, and have the ability to apply for CNAS, Witness Test Data Program of certification bodies and other qualifications.


    Carefree Full Lifecycle Guarantee / Satisfactory whole process customized service

    Akcome Optronics not only fulfils customers' expectations and demands with high efficiency photovoltaic product matrix, but also provides customers with full carefree service guarantee through a global marketing network, customized delivery solutions, and fast response mechanisms.

    Akcome Optronics always carries out the philosophy of "Customer First" in the whole process of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales, and our professional product engineers and after-sales personnel will always provide you with advice and help to be worthy of your trust.

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