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About US
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  • Culture

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    Become a trustworthy international solution provider of clean energy

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    Lead new energy ecology, create new green life.

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    Customer First, Continuous Innovation, Embracing Change, and Contributor Oriented

  • Customer First

    Customer demands Oriented, provide customers with valuable products and services.

    Have proactive service awareness, guide and manage customer needs for customers consideration.

    Strive to meet customer needs, provide a better customer experience, and strive to exceed customer expectations.

  • Continuous Innovation

    From the innovation of products, services, technology, management, and business model, AKCOME will comprehensively improve core competitiveness.

    People at AKCOME must integrate the innovation concept into every aspect of work, and constantly enhance our capacity for innovation through continuous learning.

    Take Innovation as work norm, and innovation capability must become the basic quality of AKCOME people and be passed on forever.

  • Embracing Change

    Embracing Change is an entrepreneurial mindset, aiming to grasp the rules and improve oneself.

    Embracing Change is an open mindset, aiming to face the future and be more inclusive.

    Embracing Change is a mindset for change, aiming to discover opportunities with modest attitude.

    Embracing Change is an aggressive mindset, aiming to proceed courageously and guide creation.

  • Contributor oriented

    Those who identify with corporate culture and create outstanding value through sustained efforts are contributors to AKCOME.

    Talents who can create high performance and possess high potentials are also contributors to AKCOME.

    In terms of value distribution, AKCOME will be biased towards contributors as much as possible and share with them the honor, wealth and growth brought by the company's development, and the contributors will drive the formation of AKCOME’s atmosphere of Creation and Sharing Culture .

  • Contact Us

    Answering Time: 8: 00-17: 00 on weekdays

    HQ: 0571-89089399

    Sales: +86-512 8255 7328


    Headquarters: Room 901, Building 1, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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