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  • Talent System

  • Message from Chairman

    I have always emphasized what AKCOME offered is a career platform rather than a job offer. Everyone does not come to AKCOME for a job. We provide a broad career platform for every talent with ideality, aspiration and pursuit so that we can grow and progress together, and form a talent-gathering effect to develop our business. This is what differentiates us from other enterprises in the same industry in the concept of attracting talents. It’s also our competitive advantage.

    —— Chairman and President of Akcome Technology
    Chenghui Zou

  • AKCOME talent system

    "Those who make good use of people can make things happen, and those who can do things make good use of people ." AKCOME goes deep into the core of human resources, makes good use of people, and is able to use people and good at using people. Akcome also has the heart of love for talents, the wisdom to recognize talents, the courage to use talents, the capacity to accommodate talents, and the way to cultivate talents. In terms of selecting, using, cultivating and retaining talents, we have our own complete system to escort the implementation of the company's strategy.

  • Selecting talents

    Select talents that are consistent with AKCOME’s values and conform to standards of conducts defined by AKCOME on values

    Consider the capabilities and potential of talents; capabilities include existing knowledge and skills while potential is the future

    Capacity for sustainable development

    Select employees with career expectations and strong motivation for future achievement

    Mentality, attitude, and character are more important than capabilities

    Put customer satisfaction at the forefront rather than personal benefits

    Recognize that the platform value and team spirit always outweigh individual ability

    Always stay hungry and ambitious, and always have the spirit of learning and curiosity

  • Using talents

    Senior management should manage to make good use of people , cultivate people and develop people

    Explore the characteristics of talents at all levels to achieve business objectives

    Respect talents, develop talents, and evaluate talents objectively and impartially

    Discover able people and put them at suitable posts. Be sensitive to potiential talents, promote them decisively, and put them in important positions.

    Give all talents fair growth opportunities and unlimited space for development

    Formulate different evaluation and appointment systems for different talents to ensure the best use of talents

    Aggressiveness, learning ability, innovation ability, initiative consciousness, cooperative spirit, and service consciousness are listed as important assessment indicators

  • Cultivating talents

    Realize talent training through on-the-job practice

    Give sufficient space and authorization, and opportunities to learn and practice

    Continuous communication, timely feedback on performance results and care about the difficulties encountered by employees in their work

    Continuously find ways to create high performance, learn and grow in actual business

    Believe that innovation is the driving force for production, and put into practices and actions

  • Retaining talents

    Provide a broad career platform for every talent with ideality, aspiration and pursuit so that we can grow and progress together, and form a talent-gathering effect to develop our career. It’s not just a simple job opportunity.

    Respect and develop talents, objectively and impartially evaluate employee performance, and create a warm, comfortable, simple, and harmonious working atmosphere internally.

  • Existing Talent System Guarantee of AKCOME

    AKCOME has formed a unique “Seven Talent Programme” —Golden seed, Sailing, Growth, Excellent Elites, Take-off and Retirement plans, which provide complete and clear career plans for talents of different ages.

    A complete set of training systems helps employees achieve successful transformation from entry to job rotation to promotion. On-the-job skills training, job rotation skills training and promotion training help employees improve their personal skills; the internal lecturer exchange meetings and business school exchange meetings promote experience sharing and exchange among employees.

    It provides employees with two development accesses of management and profession, not only encourages employees to develop deeply but also to expand widely. It provides an electronic learning platform of Zhibird APP to enable the self-service learning mode.

    A detailed and complete talent introduction plan has been formulated for special talents such as software professionals, digital experts, and architects, etc.

    AKCOME will design a number of its own research institutes at home and abroad, focusing on high-tech research on applications, product equipment, Internet architecture, new energy production end, storage end transmission station and consumer end at all levels of the energy Internet.

    AKCOME has made a talent reserve plan for high-end talents of Energy Internet.

    AKCOME is open to talents with expertise in the field of Energy Internet and welcomes such talents self-recommendation.

    Contact Us

    Answering Time: 8: 00-17: 00 on weekdays

    HQ: 0571-89089399

    Sales: +86-512 8255 7328


    Headquarters: Room 901, Building 1, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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