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New Energy Service
  • Investment Consulting
  • Project Development
  • Power Station Detection
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Electricity Sales Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Operation & Maintenance

    As one of the earlier batch of professional power station management operators in the new energy industry, AKCOME has a professional operation and maintenance team with proficient technique and abundant strength. With the goal of maintaining and increasing the value of power station assets and increasing the benefits, AKCOME is committed to providing all-round safety production management, intelligent operation trusteeship, power station test, high-voltage preventive test and other services. Currently, we operate and manage more than 50 photovoltaic power stations, and have up to 40 professional power station operation and maintenance teams throughout the country, able to respond promptly. AKCOME has the operation and maintenance capability of 10GW ultra-large-scale power stations and aims to operate, maintain, and manage 20% of Chinese solar power stations.

  • Power station patrol
  • Handover acceptance
  • Power station test
  • Intelligent operation
  • Three-level hierarchical management mode

    Operation management adopts the hierarchical management mode: headquarter-region-power station, the objectives, information, and requirements of production task are broken down and implemented layer by layer to achieve the unified command and deployment of resources and the specific implementation of projects.

  • Group

    Standard formulation, remote guidance of regional and power station work. Management experts and technical experts are allocated to power plant headquarters to be responsible for analyzing the big data of the operation and maintenance system, connecting the new operation and maintenance management concept of the industry and developing new operation and maintenance technology.

  • Region

    Regional operation and maintenance management team is responsible for power station management within the region, sharing operation and maintenance test equipment, establishing spare parts and spare parts warehouse, and ensuring unified management within the power station region.

  • Power station

    Operation and maintenance team of the power station is responsible for implementing the standard operation and maintenance manual and conducting differentiated management of the power station according to the characteristics of the power station to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the power station.

  • Informatization

    The company is a photovoltaic enterprise specialized in developing and applying intelligent management systems in the industry and attaches great importance to information platform construction. The intelligent energy operation platform built by applying advanced Internet technology and integrating offline and online operation experiences can effectively improve power generation revenue, reduce management costs, support agile innovation, and bring higher returns for the operation and maintenance of the power station.

  • System Advantages

    Including operation and maintenance analysis system, power station monitoring system, production management system, integrated dispatching and mobile operation and maintenance system, covering the production management of the power station in an all-round way.

    Cross-station KPI indicators shall be used to evaluate the operation of the power station and give optimization suggestions. Support function for PR analysis and comparison of the power station, support the analysis of power generation plan completion, and support the five-point and four-stage loss analysis.

    Continuously improve the construction of the AKCOME photovoltaic power generation database, providing strong support for project development, post-evaluation of the power station, data benchmarking, financial services, power station consulting, preliminary design, and equipment selection.

  • Production and operation center monitoring interface

  • Standardization

  • Operation and Maintenance technology

    Standardization of operation and maintenance technology includes standardized operation procedures, equipment management, safety technology, data analysis, fault analysis and processing standards, etc.

  • Functional Management

    Standardization of process system includes material procurement, daily reporting, fault processing, routine patrol inspection,and headquarters-region-power station three-level management process, etc.

  • Process system

    Functional management standardization includes personnel management, material management, operation management, logistics management, relationship maintenance management, and safety prevention management standards, etc.

  • Specialization

    Adhering to the concept of high standards, strict requirements, and high-quality service, the company attaches importance to the construction of the management system, and Zhongkang Electric Power wins the three System Certification Certificates. There are laboratories and scientific research institutions under the sector, equipped with testing equipment and instruments for international related power industry and photovoltaic industry. Meanwhile, safe operation detection and preventive test services shall be provided for photovoltaic, hydroelectric and thermal power stations and power transmission and transformation facilities. At present, it has obtained China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval (CMA) Certificate, the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) issued by China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment, and the License for Undertaking Installation (Repair and Testing) of Electric Power Facilities issued by National Energy Administration.

  • China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval (CMA) Certificate

  • Three System Certification Certificates for Photovoltaic Power Station

  • Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)

  • License for Undertaking Installation (Repair and Testing) of Electric Power Facilities

  • Refinement

    Continuously promote the refinement construction of the power station, explore and draw in advanced operation and maintenance experience in the industry, optimize and improve the operation and maintenance production in terms of cleaning, snow removal, weeding, and efficiency improvement, reduce loss, increase income, and achieve greater economic benefits.

  • Cleaning

    The power station has established the calculation model of "one-station cleaning multi-point benchmarking", carefully checked and approved the cleaning cycle, determined the cleaning scheme, and made cleaning more efficient and scientific by region, block and plate.

  • Snow removal

    Combined with the existing snow removal experience, the Group-Region-Power Station has summarized the snow removal work and shared experiences. The power station shall formulate a special snow removal scheme and tools according to the actual situation.

  • Efficiency improvement

    Provide efficiency improvement treatment scheme for reference and learning of each station, and encourage each station to actively study inefficient troubleshooting methods and regularly carry out inefficiency governance.

  • Weeding

    The principle of "step by step" shall be adopted for weeding. According to the characteristics and conditions of growth of green plants in the power station, the treatment method of classified management according to local conditions shall be used to organize weeding in a timely manner to reduce shelter loss.

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    Headquarters: Room 901, Building 1, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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