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  • AKCOME Appears at Intersolar with 700W HJT Module

    Akcome 2022-05-13 0 times

    “On May 11-13, Germany time, the global photovoltaic event Intersolar Europe 2022 opened in Munich, and AK iPower and AK iChaser modules appeared at Intersolar Europe, showing the industry solutions of high-efficiency HJT and PERC module products to explore the low-carbon development road of photovoltaic industry.”

    Affected by the periodic imbalance between power supply and demand in the process of European energy transformation and the superposition of external geopolitical events, European photovoltaic demand erupted beyond expectations. Meanwhile, the accumulative installation target of 1TW PV in 2030 proposed by SPE of European Photovoltaic Industry Association has accelerated the rapid development of photovoltaic demand in Europe, and the European Photovoltaic demand market has great potential. Intersolar Europe is a solar energy professional exhibition fair with large scale and deep influence in the world so far. AKCOME will not be absent from this industry event and discuss the development trend of photovoltaic industry in the future with global industry experts.


    AK iPower HJT Module

    The exclusive center position of this exhibition is AK iPower 7.0 HJT module, which adopts 210mm HJT cell and half cell design, with power up to 700W, conversion efficiency of 22.53%, bifacial rate of 87%, no PID effect, which is suitable for industrial and commercial and large-scale ground power station applications. Once launched, the product has been widely concerned and praised by the professional audience on site.

    The degradation of AK iPower module in the first year is less than 2%, the annual degradation is 0.25%. After 25years of degradation measurement, the HJT module can be maintained at 92% and the PERC is only about 87%. HJT module has the advantage of low temperature coefficient. According to the simulation calculation, the 100MW power stationin Haikou area, PERC temperature rise loss is about 5%, while HJT is 3.6%. In the 25-year life cycle simulation calculation, the fixed 100MW power station, compared with PERC, HJT can achieve 6-10% power generation increase, 1-2% LCOE reduction and 0.2-0.5% IRR increase at a premium of 0.15 yuan/W.

    In addition, another 166mm 72 type of HJT module also appeared at the exhibition, which adopt black frame, blackbus bar, black silica gel, black grid all-black design. It is not only applicable to commercial and household distributed power station application scenarios, but also pushed AK iPower module to the commanding height of architectural aesthetics.



    AK iChaser PERC Module

    The AK iChaser PERC module are primarily available in the 182/210 cell specification with industry-level manufacturing of PERC module. The products of PERC module participating in this exhibition are large-sized and high-power module of 182mm 54/66/72 and 210mm 40 types, which adopt non-destructive cutting technology to effectively reduceheat loss and adopt multi-grate technology to effectively reduce power loss, which can be widely used in various photoelectric power station application scenarios.


    In the future, AKCOME will becommitted to becoming a global HJT leading enterprise with the determination of deep cultivation of photovoltaic industry, moving forward with industry partners to explore solutions for low carbon future. 

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