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  • Akcome won bid for HJT Module & Tracking Mounting System Project

    Akcome 2022-07-22 0 times

    Recently, Akcome enjoys a series of good news! After signing the 18MW N-type HJT module project of Yellow River Hydropower Project of SPIC in June, Akcome Optronics successfully won the bid for the 7MW N-type HJT module Empirical Experimental Base project of SPIC in July. Meanwhile, Akcome Metal also sent an exciting news, and recently signed the order for flat uniaxial tracking mounting system and flexible fixed mounting system equipment for the project of the Empirical Experiment Base project of SPIC!

    1、Akcome Optronics won the bid for 7MW N-type HJT module of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

    On July 12, by virtue of years of technical strength and excellent module expression, Akcome Optronics stood out from 20 public candidates of global arrays, successfully won the bid for N-type module of the centralized bidding project of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd, which will provide 7MW N-type HJT module for Ganzi Prefecture Zhengdou PV Empirical Experimental Base Project. This time, Akcome won the bid with 166mm HJT cell (144 bifacial), 9BB and half-cut double glass technology, with the power up to 465W; the other module used 210mm HJT cell (132 bifacial) with power up to 675W, which is expected to be delivered before August 30.


    It is reported that this bidding project is the Zhengdou PV Empirical Base Project in the Xiangcheng County of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and is the world's first ultra-high altitude PV empirical base and the largest single-scale PV power generation project in Sichuan Province. The total installed capacity of the project is 400 MW with a total investment of RMB 2.24 billion yuan. The implementation of this project will fill in the gap of PV empirical base in ultra-high altitude and mid-latitude region, provide case reference for PV construction in Sichuan-Tibet Plateau and areas with similar scene nationwide, and contribute to the regional economic development of Ganzi Prefecture.

    The Project is located in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which has abundant solar energy resources, but is subject to climate features such as high altitude, high cold and high wind speed, and puts forward higher requirements on the operation efficiency, insulation performance of equipment and thermal insulation performance of energy storage equipment of PV equipments. According to these circumstances, SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd has initially designed 127 technical schemes, and plans to set up 5 empirical experimental zones for PV modules, inverters, mounting system, energy storage and comprehensive comparison, and will carry out several empirical experiments on PV products, new energy storage products and new technologies.

    Therefore, in addition to assisting the regional development of multi-energy channels and optimizing energy supply structure in Ganzi Prefecture, this project also creates opportunities for all PV enterprises in China to compete with PV technologies, products and power generation schemes, which is of far-reaching significance for exploring the large-scale development path of PV in western Sichuan Plateau and accelerating the sustainable development of energy in Sichuan Province.


    As the leading intelligent manufacturer of PV module in the world, Akcome Optronics adheres to the core concept of “Creating High-Efficiency and New Value”, guided by technological innovation and customer-oriented, and committed to providing professional and efficient HJT cell and module intelligent manufacturing service to global customers.

    The 166/210mm N-type HJT module won the bid this time reflects the company’s attention to technological innovation. Compared with PERC module, Akcome N-type HJT module has the advantages of high efficiency, high bifacial rate and high power generation, but also has no LID, no PID and low degradation "three lows", which help the LCOE to further decrease. The winning bid of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd Empirical Base Project demonstrates the position of Akcome Optronics as the leader of the first echelon in HJT field, and also shows the great potential of Akcome Optronics in mass production and industrialization acceleration.

    2、Akcome Metal Wins the Order for Mounting System of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

    Suzhou Akcome Metal Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for Mounting System of the same project. According to the 12th and 13th Letter of Acceptance in 2022 issued by SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd., Akcome Metal will provide flat uniaxial tracking mounting system equipment and flexible fixed mounting system for Zhengdou PV Empirical Experimental Base Project of Ganzi Prefecture.


    As the leading PV solution supplier worldwide, Akcome Metal independently develops the PV mounting system suitable for all scenes and devotes itself to providing intelligent mounting system solutions for global customers. The winning bid of this project shows the strong strength of Akcome Metal from R&D design, manufacturing, structure optimization, after-sales maintenance and other PV mounting system production applications.


    It is praised as the largest single-scale PV power generation project in Sichuan Province--Ganzi Prefecture Zhengdou PV Empirical Experimental Base Project, located in the PV base in the south of Xiangcheng County of Ganzi Prefecture, with complicated terrain and variable climate in this region, which puts forward higher requirements for the safety of power station system. The tracking mounting system and flexible mounting system independently developed by Akcome Metal can effectively cope with this kind of regional climate problems, providing customers with efficient and reliable mounting system solutions.

    3、Akcome Optronics won the bid for 18MW N-type HJT modules in June

    In addition to winning the orders for the above two empirical experimental platforms, Akcome Optronics won the bid for modules of Phase II Project of National PV and Energy Storage Experimental Platform (Daqing Base) in June of this year, and signed the order for 18MW N-type HJT bifacial cell and module with Huanghe Hydropower project of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

    4、Successive bid winning and continuous effort

    With the advent of the parity era, the demand for high efficiency PV modules will be further stimulated. Within two months, three successive outbidding in the Project of Empirical Experimental Base is a full affirmation of Akcome’s professional technical ability and high-quality service capability, and also a high recognition and encouragement for Akcome to continuously exploit domestic and overseas PV market, meet the explosive market demand and lead iterative technological innovation.

    In the future, Akcome will give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain, build up the ecosystem of PV products in the upstream and downstream of the industry, independently research and develop and produce mounting system products with unique Akcome characteristics in addition to promoting the integration strategy of production and marketing and research of HJT cell and module, so as to provide more intelligent, more efficient and better-quality PV solutions for global customers in PV field.

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