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  • AKCOME Shows Efficient Module in Intersolar South America 2022

    Akcome 2022-08-26 0 times

    From August 23 to 25, the Intersolar South America 2022 was held in Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil. AKCOME showcased by bringing AK iPower and AK iChaser efficient module series solutions at the exhibition site, focusing on the exhibition of the up-to-date achievements of AKCOME in the aspects of R&D of heterostructure technology, efficient module manufacturing, achievement transformation and landing and case application and promotion, thus laying a solid foundation for AKCOME to further step into the Brazilian market, formulate precise market strategy and establish cooperative relationship and assisting talking about green and low carbon future with local government and enterprises. 


    1、AK iPower HJT Module Making a Brilliant Launching

    As a global leader in efficient heterojunction, AKCOME focuses on the efficient manufacturing industry with heterojunction cells and modules as its core. With mature HJT technology reserve and stable mass production capability of modules, AKCOME launched AK iPower efficient heterojunction module products with four product series of 4.0/5./6.0/7.0 currently. At this Expo, AKCOME shows the latest generation of product—the heterojunction modules up to 700W—AK iPower 7.0, which immediately attracts numerous attention once it was displayed.


    AK iPower 7.0 HJT Module is based on 66 pieces of 210mm heterojunction cells, which adopts 12BB technology, half-cut, double-sided and double-glass process, with a double-sided rate of 87%-92% and power up to 700W, conversion efficiency of up to 22.53%,which is suitable for application scenarios of distributed power stations such as surface power station, industry and commerce and households. 

    The AK iPower series owns the advantages of low attenuation and low temperature coefficient, etc. which is capable of maintaining excellent power generation performance in high temperature environments, so that the excellent performance of about 10% increase in power generation, approximately 3% reduction in levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and higher yields will be achieved ultimately. 


    2、AK iChaser PERC Module Chasing Dream in Brazil 

    AK iChaser series, as the leading brand of AKCOME efficient PERC module, attracts a large number of overseas exhibitors and obtains unanimous praise. The iChaser Dreamer series product exhibited by AKCOME this time are all large and efficient modules. Among them, 210mm 55 pattern efficient PERC product adopts 12BB, double-sided double-glass process, with power up to 560W. Another 182mm 72 pattern efficient PERC product adopts 10BB, half-cut technology, with power up to 550W. 


    AKCOME focuses on the process upgrade of large-size PERC, facilitates lossless cutting technology to effectively reduce hot-streak loss, adopts double-sided cell technology, bringing higher IRR to customers, bringing lower attenuation by integrating gallium-doped technology and realizing power loss reduction and optical utilization improvement through multi-gate technology, helping to realize lower LCOE.


    3、Striking Overseas Markets and Writing Win-win Chapters 

    The site of AKCOME exhibition booth was of high popularity. Exhibitors from all over the world have stopped one after another, and the consultation and discussion liked a constant stream. The AKCOME elite team communicated with exhibitors with full enthusiasm, showcasing AKCOME's profound brand precipitation, outstanding product quality and efficient service advantages. 

    It was reported that during this exhibition, AKCOME carried out in-depth communication on photovoltaic industry cooperation, R&D of heterostructure technology and other contents with numerous overseas enterprises, discussed customized product selection, industrial supply chain and other services, and signed strategic cooperation agreements for win-win cooperation. 


    The participation of AKCOME to this Intersolar South America 2022 has laid the foundation for the company to actively explore overseas markets and provide guarantee for grasping new opportunities for international cooperation. 

    In the future, AKCOME will adhere to guidance of the mission of "Leading New Energy Ecology and Creating Green New Life" and strengthening the development vision of “Becoming a leading enterprise with efficient heterogeneity in the world”, boosting the high-quality development of photovoltaic industry with technological innovation strength and stimulating dynamic impetus by forward-looking strategic layout.

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