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  • Akcome signed contract on 30MW module with Brazilian distributor

    Akcome 2022-09-08 0 times

    On September 7, Akcome signed an overseas sales agreement on AK iChaser high-efficiency PERC modules with a leading Brazilian PV distributor. According to the agreement, Akcome will provide a total of 30MW of 182mm 72 pieces of high-efficiency PERC modules in batches to Brazil. Signing of this order not only means the advanced technology and brand influence of Akcome have been recognized by the international market, but also means Akcome has made an important breakthrough by taking the globalization strategy of basing on China and facing overseas market. 


    It is understood that the modules favored by Brazilian market are AK iChaser 5.0 high-efficiency mono modules independently developed by Akcome. AK iChaser 5.0 modules use 72 pieces of 182mmPERC cells, with the average conversion efficiency of 21.29% and power up to 550W. AK iChaser modules adopt  non-destructive cutting process, which reduces hot spot losses while effectively reducing the risk of chip cracking and improving the yield. Multi-busbar (10BB) technology can effectively reduce the consumption of silver paste and shade area,and reduce resistance loss. In addition, AK iChaser 5.0 adopts half-cut design, with lower current and reduced internal losses and shadow occlusion compared with modules of conventional design. Multiple technical guarantees enable AK iChaser modules to achieve lower LCOE and higher generation profit. 


    Driving by both global climate change and energy upgrading, demands in photovoltaic market will continue to rise. As a global leading high-efficiency photovoltaic solution provider, Akcome takes the opportunity of development in global photovoltaic industry and takes the first step in global resource allocation by actively setting up nine global branches in Brazil, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and India, with sales network covering more than 80 countries and regions in five continents. Its mature supply system gives Akcome the capability of rapid delivery and efficient service around the world, and promotes Akcome to reach strategic cooperation with numerous customers at home and abroad, and establish win-win relationships with major distributors. Akcome’s products selling well abroad indicates that the company’s brand image is gradually deeply rooted in people’s mind, and its product value and professional service have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. 

    In the future, Akcome will continue to adhere to the philosophy of Intelligent and Innovative High-efficiency New Energy, unswervingly pursue our globalization strategy, continuously exploit overseas mature market and emerging market while exploring domestic photovoltaic market, and provide more efficient and reliable products with more competitive advantages and more adaptable to local demands to overseas markets. As a Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier1 global photovoltaic module supplier, Akcome will promote the rapid upgrading of green energy system and help realize the new world of zero carbon as soon as possible. 

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