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  • Akcome Glazed at Be Positive 2023 Exhibition in Lyon, France

    Akcome 2023-03-23 0 times

    On March 21-23, BePOSITIVE 2023 was successfully held at the Eurexpo in Lyon, France. As the largest and most influential comprehensive exhibition of renewable energy and buildings in France, this exhibition has attracted franchisers, distributors, manufacturers and other professionals from all over the world. With AK iPower, AK iTopper and AK iChaser's full series of high-efficiency modules, Akcome has made a blockbuster appearance, focusing on the future development of dual carbon and helping the green transformation for Europe.

    France PV is one of the important strategic markets in Europe for Akcome and has a broad development prospect. In recent years, in response to the call for carbon neutrality in 2050, coping with the energy crisis and accelerating the transformation of the energy structure, France has introduced several policies such as the "Multi-Annual Energy Plan (MAEP)" and the "Energy Plan for France towards 2050", so as to vigorously support the development of renewable energy. According to the published data of SOLAR POWER EUROPE, France achieved 2.7GW of newly installed capacity in 2022, ranking among the top in Europe. In the Multi-Annual Energy Plan, France proposes that the total PV installed capacity will reach 35.1-44GW in 2028 and 100GW in 2050, which means that France still has a large PV market gap. According to the prediction of Solar Power Europe, the average annual newly PV installed capacity of French market will reach 4.6GW from 2023 to 2026, with huge development potential.


    ▲ Akcome's appearance at Be Positive in France

    For 17-years of cultivation in the photovoltaic industry, Akcome has always focused on the R&D and innovation of photovoltaic products. Therefore, it has accumulated rich R&D experience and technology accumulation, and now has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-efficiency photovoltaic module technology in the world. At the exhibition site, with its differentiated product technology and diversified scenario applications, Akcome showed extraordinary talents and had won wide recognition and attention from overseas customers. Among them, the most attractive product is the star product of Akcome 700W+ ultra-high power heterojunction module, which belongs to AK iPower 7.0 high-efficiency heterojunction product series. It adopts 66 pieces of 210mm heterojunction cell, and comprehensively utilizes advanced technologies such as double-sided double-glass, half-cut design and multi-main grid. The power exceeds 720W, and the conversion efficiency is up to 23.2%.


    ▲ AK iPower series modules of Akcome star products

    Aiming at the roof scenario for overseas households, Akcome has customized the AK iTopper 182-54 version of high-efficiency TOPCon double-glass module. It adopts 16BB super multi-main grid (SMBB) technology. The increase of the number of main grids can effectively shorten the current transmission path in a limited way, so as to realize the dual functions of reducing internal loss and improving module power. Equipped with black cell, glass and frame design, it can meet the aesthetic demand of household roof photovoltaic. The maximum power exceeds 430W and the conversion efficiency is up to 22%, which is highly praised by overseas customers. 


    ▲ New and old customers come in one after another

    Aiming at centralized application scenarios, AK iChaser 5.0 series PERC modules are published in this exhibition. Based on 72 pieces of 182 mm PERC cells, the maximum power is over 560 W and the conversion efficiency is 21.7%.




    ▲The scene of Akcome's booth is really popular

    By virtue of its excellent product performance and excellent service quality, Akcome attracted many exhibitors from all over the world. Akcome’s professional team warmly received the clients who came for consultation, both parties conducted in-depth and close communication, and the scene atmosphere was warm. Through precise docking, negotiation and communication, Akcome had established cooperative partnership with a number of overseas photovoltaic enterprises and reached preliminary cooperation intention on a number of PV module projects.


    ▲ Akcome's team warmly received the clients

    This exhibition not only provides an opportunity for Akcome to create a good brand image in France, but also provides an opportunity to further explore overseas markets and contract cooperative partnership. In the future, Akcome will continue to deepen the photovoltaic market, focus on innovation, forge ahead, strengthen product iterative innovation and overseas market exploration, provide better, more reliable and more efficient photovoltaic solutions for global customers, and contribute to build a zero-carbon society.

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