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  • AKCOME Glitters at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 in Germany!

    Akcome 2023-04-21 0 times

    From April 17 to 21, the World Top Industrial Technology Fair HANNOVER MESSE 2023 was held in Hanover Exhibition Center. As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency new energy in the industry, Akcome presented a full series of high efficiency module products at booth B84, offering a feast of photovoltaic products for European customers.

    Hanover MESSE 2023 is the world's largest international trade fair in the field of industry, featuring hot areas such as energy solutions, innovative technologies and future production, digital ecosystems, automation power and transmission, focusing on the latest technology, products and solutions of the industry.


    ▲Site of HANNOVER MESSE 2023

    Akcome's full series of high-efficiency photovoltaic products have been exhibited, which can be matched with diversified photovoltaic project scenarios and can better meet the requirements of customers for efficient, reliable and stable performance of modules. Akcome star product 720W ultra-high-power heterojunction modules has been unveiled with its ultra-high power and advanced technology. This module is the latest generation AK iPower 7.0 heterojunction high-efficiency double-glass module of Akcome. It is equipped with 66 pieces of 210mm heterojunction cells, the efficiency is up to 23.2%, and the double-sided rate is up to 85%-95%, maximum power exceeds 720 W. It is the best choice for centralized large-scale ground power station. In terms of power attenuation performance, heterojunction modules have a natural advantage, with a first-year attenuation of 1% and an annual linear decay of 0.25%. In the aspect of high-temperature power generation performance, the temperature coefficient of the heterojunction module is -0.24%/°C, the energy consumption loss is less and the power generation is higher in the high-temperature environment.


    ▲AK iPower/iTopper/iChaser series modules exhibited by Akcome

    In order to match the needs of European household roof power stations, Akcome launched AK iTopper 4.0 series high-efficiency TOPCon modules. The module is based on the double-sided double-glass design of the 182-54 version and adopts half-cut and 16BB SMBB process. The lightweight module is easy to install and transport. It has the advantages of low temperature coefficient, excellent weak light performance and good fireproof performance. It can adapt to various severe environments. The power is up to 430W and the efficiency is 22.02%. AK iChaser 4.0 series of efficient PERC modules are designed for distributed business and consumer applications. The monocrystalline PERC module of 182-54 version adopts half-cut design and 10BB multi-grid technology, with 415W power and 21.26% efficiency. It also has the industry-leading 15-year material and process warranty and 30-year power warranty, with guaranteed reliability. 


    ▲Akcome Elite Sales Enthusiastic Customer Reception

    As one of the world's leading industrial and trade fairs, this exhibition attracts agents, distributors and manufacturers from all over the world. Akcome with a full series of solar module products hit the market, attracting many overseas customers to visit and consult. The atmosphere of the booth was warm and the guests came like flow. The sales team of Akcome warmly received the exhibitors and conducted the professional explanation of photovoltaic products. Finally, with excellent product technology and reliable service quality, Akcome has won the trust of new and old customers, established good relations with many European partners and business partners, and reached preliminary cooperation intention.



    ▲The popularity of Akcome booth continues to rise

    In recent years, due to the impact of energy crisis, European demand for new energy has shown explosive growth. In combination with the introduction of energy transformation policies of various countries, the overall development trend of European photovoltaic industry is in good shape. According to the European Photovoltaic Association report, it is predicted that the newly installed capacity in Europe is expected to reach 68GW in 2023, of which Germany is still the largest incremental photovoltaic market in the EU. Germany's Easter Package has set an ambitious PV target - 215GW by 2030. To achieve this goal, Germany has announced a series of new photovoltaic support policies, including increasing subsidies for household photovoltaic power generation, and stipulating that the solar coverage rate of private homes will exceed 50% by 2030. In addition, from 2023, Germany will exempt eligible rooftop PV that meet the conditions from income tax and corresponding VAT. Under the multiple favorable conditions, the German PV market will continue to maintain a high level of prosperity.

    Hannover Messe 2023 in Germany came to a successful conclusion, laying a solid foundation for Akcome to enter the European market and accelerate the layout of the global industrial chain. As the promoter and practitioner of global energy transformation, Akcome will continue to play a leading role, with the vision of “creating and enjoying the new value of high-efficiency photovoltaic”, oriented by customer value, to empower the green energy industry, and work together with partners to promote the high-quality development of the photovoltaic market.

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