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  • Akcome Impacted at SNEC 2023, Plentiful PV Products Unveiled!

    Akcome 2023-05-25 0 times

    On May 24, the 16th SNEC (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference&Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading comprehensive service provider of new energy in China, Akcome Group, with the new products, technologies and solutions of the whole industrial chain, has made an amazing appearance. With the theme of "constructing PV value symbiosis force", Akcome Group embraces collaboration and connection internally, empowers externally with "double-wheel drive", joining hands with photovoltaic ecological partners to explore the road to high-quality development of new energy. 

    SNEC PV Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) is the most influential international, professional and large-scale photovoltaic event in the world. More than 3,000 enterprises from 95 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition, focusing on the innovation achievements and application experience of the photovoltaic industry. On the first day of the exhibition, the booth W2-510 of Akcome became one of the focuses of the exhibition. There were numerous highlights in such links as keynote speech, new product release, on-site contract signing, wonderful performance and knowledge answering, which made the scene full of popularity and continuous heat. 


    ▲ Akcome showcased at SNEC PV Power Expo

    Akcome Unveils the Mystery of High Power HJT Busbar-Free Module 

    The most amazing event at the exhibition site is the debut of Akcome's new AK iPower 7.0 series heterojunction bificial double-glass busbar-free module. As the innovative result of its top R&D team, this module is a G12-66 version half-cut heterojunction module, which is suitable for the large-scale ground power stations application scenarios. It adopts the 0BB (busbar-free) technology which breaks the routine, the shading area of grid lines on the surface of the cell is reduced, thus the series resistance can be effectively reduced, and the CTM of the module is increased by 1%. Superimposed with advanced technologies such as silicon-wafer thinning process, optical transfer film and microcrystal technology, the conversion efficiency is up to 23.5%, the bificial rate reaches 90%, and the maximum power reaches a breakthrough of 730W. It is a new power record of 720W created by Akcome and is in the leading position in the industry. 


    ▲Akcome 730W busbar-free module unveiled at W2-510

    In addition to busbar-free modules, the newly upgraded AK iPower 7.0 and AK iTopper 4.0/5.0/6.0 series of N-type high-efficiency modules have been unveiled, providing an excellent demonstration of high-power and high-conversion efficiency N-type modules for the industry. 


    ▲ AK iTopper Series TOPCon Modules

    Leading by N-type technology, opening a new era of N-type technology

    Many domestic leaders and new players in the industry have arranged N-type technologies and products one after another. The era of N-type high-efficiency has already started. As a global heterojunction leader, Akcome has been in a forward-looking strategic layout of heterojunction technology since 2012, and has the first advantage in terms of HJT technology reserve and product layout. Today, Akcome has created an N-type high-efficiency photovoltaic industrialization layout with heterojunction high-efficiency technology as the core and TOPCon and other N-type technologies as auxiliary. At the exhibition site, Dr. Huang Xiner, vice president of Akcome Institute of Science and Technology, delivered a keynote speech on "N-type technology opens the high-efficiency photovoltaic future" to the on-site audience, comprehensively interpreting the R&D and application advantages of Akcome N-type products. Industrialization layout and cost reduction and efficiency increasing route. According to Dr. Huang, Akcome is focusing on R&D and deepening of key heterojunction technologies such as silicon-wafer thinning process, improvement of PECVD crystallite process and indium-free TCO. In terms of TOPCon cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, Akcome mainly optimizes the material cost through silicon wafer thinning, SMBB, laser transfer printing and other technologies; in the aspect of process process, it mainly focuses on the optimization of metal compounding, metal contact and other processes, so as to continuously improve the product efficiency and reliability. 


    ▲Keynote speech "N-type technology opens the high-efficiency photovoltaic future"

    New products of BIPV mounting system are released, and many enterprises extend the olive branches

    At the exhibition site, Akcome held the launch ceremony of new products of BIPV mounting system with the theme of "Beyond Boundless 'Intelligent' Future", and launched the solution of Akcome SMART-P push rod tracking mounting system, adding a lot of color to this exhibition! 


    ▲ Akcome launched BIPV mounting system new product

    The tracking mounting system has remarkable advantages in applicability and economy, and the characteristic of "intelligent light tracing" can effectively improve the generation yield of the photovoltaic power generation system. The mounting system has passed comprehensive and authoritative testing and certification to ensure the reliability of each performance in practical application. In the same period, Shao Qijun, technical director of Suzhou Akcome Metals, reported on the SMART tracking and iCross flexible mounting systems. Subsequently, Jiang Di, technical sales director of BIPV of Suzhou Akcome Metals, explained the iCapower BIPV mounting systems in detail. At the exhibition site, iCapower-R BIPV mounting system and SMART-P push rod tracking mounting system were exhibited, which won the full recognition of the guests and merchants. They came to the exhibition booth to observe the experience and negotiate and sign the bill. 


    ▲ Keynote speech on Akcome iCapower Mounting System

    In order to deepen the cooperation relationship with the upstream and downstream excellent partners, Akcome signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Suzhou Tengsheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Zhumengzhe Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to share new opportunities for cooperation and development, and the on-site atmosphere was pushed to a climax. 

    Awarded multiple awards and global recognition of brand strength

    During the exhibition, by virtue of its brilliant performance in product innovation, R&D strength, brand value and other aspects, Akcome Group won four awards at one stroke and was widely recognized by well-known testing institutions and authoritative media in the world. 

    In terms of brand value, on the 25th, by virtue of its excellent product strength, brand strength and service capacity, Akcome was ranked on the list of "PVBL Top 100 Solar PV Brands in the World" jointly issued by Century New Energy Network and Photovoltaic Brand Lab. In the same period, by virtue of the quality advantages of safe, reliable and efficient power generation of N-type heterojunction bificial double-glass modules, Akcome won the "Top Performer" award of PVEL, a well-known third-party photovoltaic testing institution. Kevin Gibson, Managing Director of PVEL awarded the certificate to Akcome on site. 


    ▲ Akcome won two awards of PVEL and TÜV Nord

    In terms of product strength, Akcome won the Outdoor Demonstration Award (HJT) for Hot and Dry Climate by virtue of the excellent performance of heterojunction modules in high single-watt power generation and low power attenuation of Zhangbei Dry and Hot Climate Demonstration Base in the Outdoor Demonstration competition of "Treasure" action of Light Energy Cup Evaluation Award jointly organized by China General Certification Center and Solarbe Photovoltaic Network. It fully demonstrates the actual power generation advantage of Akcome heterojunction modules under the action of many outdoor factors. 


    ▲Akcome won Outdoor Demonstration Award (HJT) for Hot and Dry Climate

    AK iPower series heterojunction products have also been successfully certified by TÜV Nord, a third-party international well-known testing agency. Mr. Ren Jun, President of TÜV Nord Asia Pacific and Chairman of Greater China, issued the certificate to Akcome. Akcome's heterojunction busbar-free technology is recognized for power generation efficiency and reliability. The receiving of these awards is the proof of the continuous innovation precipitation and technological progress of Akcome, and also the best embodiment of focusing on product quality and deep cultivation of user value. 






    In the future, Akcome will spare no pains to focus on innovation, continue to create new achievements in the photovoltaic field, provide global customers with more high-quality, more professional and more exquisite photovoltaic products, empower more regions in the world to realize energy transformation and sustainable development, accelerating the arrival of the zero-carbon era.

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