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  • Akcome Glitters at 2023 Pakistan International Solar Energy Meet

    Akcome 2023-06-06 0 times

    From June 2nd to 4th, International Solar Energy Meet 2023 (ISEM 2023) was held in Lahore Expo Centre, Pakistan. Akcome, taking along with its AK iPower, AK iTopper, AK iChaser series of module products, is grandly presented at Hall 02, Booth 100-103, sharing innovative technologies and efficient solutions with global customers, helping the high-quality development of energy industry in South Asia and exploring the green future of Asia.

    ISEM 2023 is the largest and most professional international fair and summit in Pakistan. Investors, government officials, industry experts and manufacturers from the global photovoltaic industry gathered here to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry and formulate development strategies for the future. This exhibition provides an important channel for Akcome to enter Pakistan and its surrounding markets, as well as provides an excellent platform for Akcome to deepen and expand its global partnership.


    ▲Akcome Glitters at International Solar Energy Meet

    As the fifth most populous country in the world, Pakistan has a strong demand for electricity market. However, Pakistan's local oil and natural gas resources are relatively scarce, and the traditional thermal power generation brings huge energy import costs. Therefore, Pakistan urgently needs energy transformation. Based on Pakistan's abundant light resources, the government has issued a series of policies such as "Renewable Energy Development Policy" and "Comprehensive Energy Planning" to promote the development of renewable energy, requiring all government departments to build rooftop photovoltaic facilities. Starting from 2023, Pakistan will successively launch the bidding of photovoltaic projects for government offices, expanding from the capital Islamabad to the rest of the country. According to the Global Photovoltaic Market Report released by BNEF in Q1, Pakistan imported about 3.4GW (about RMB903 million Yuan) of PV products from China in 2022, an increase of 52.3% compared with 593 million in 2021. In general, Pakistan PV is in urgent demand and strongly supported by the government. It has a huge potential to be tapped, which is worthy of continuous deep cultivation by Chinese enterprises.


    ▲The exhibition booth of Akcome is crowded with people 

    How to accurately research, develop and produce solar modules with higher energy density, high power generation income and low LCOE is the practical pain-point in the transformation and upgrading phase of renewable energy industry. As a leading global heterojunction enterprise, Akcome took the lead and presented the optimal solution in this exhibition: taking N-type products as the focus, to promote the comprehensive landing of energy transformation and industrial upgrading. To this end, Akcome brought a number of its fist products, by the industry, participants of the high attention and recognition. The most popular product is the high-energy selection for large-scale ground power stations - Akcome 720W heterojunction module. Built with 66 pieces of 210mm heterojunction cells, the module is up to 23.2% efficient, 90% double-sided, and more than 720W. It has the advantages of low temperature coefficient, high bifacial rate, high power generation and high reliability, which brings lower BOS cost and better LCOE for global customers. 


    ▲ Akcome module attracts attentions continuously

    The new generation of AK iTopper high-efficiency series N-type TOPCon family products also attracted a large number of guests. At this time, Akcome shows two modules, namely, 182-54 version of single glass module (430 W) and 182-72 version of single glass module (575 W). The former is more suitable for household roof scenarios, while the latter is widely used for ground power stations and industrial and commercial application scenarios.





    Akcome's AK iPower and AK iTopper series of high-efficiency N-type products have quickly become the focus of the exhibition as their appearing publicity. Many industry experts and exhibitors have stopped to visit and communicate with the Akcome's elite team. After multiple communications, Akcome has established a partnership with many overseas customers. In the future, it will conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the fields of projects, technologies, products and the like. 

    This exhibition provides a good opportunity for Akcome to explore the market in South Asia, and also injects new momentum for Akcome to accelerate the globalization strategy. In the future, Akcome will continue to deeply cultivate the energy market, with high-quality products, professional technology and all-round after-sales service as the cornerstone, to promote the green, zero-carbon and sustainable development in Asia.

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