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  • AKCOME explores the future of European PV Market with HJT!

    Akcome 2023-12-01 0 times

    On November 29th, the seminar titled "Understanding the PV module supply to the European marketing in 2024", organized by PVMODULETECH, was successfully held in Barcelona as scheduled. AKCOME, as a specially invited guest, participated in this grand event. Pablo Alvarez, the Overseas Sales Director of AKCOME, was invited to share insights on the advantages of HJT products and the latest research findings of AKCOME during the conference.


    The objective of this seminar was to focus on the current status of the photovoltaic market, guiding future technologies for the European PV market from 2024 to 2027, collectively fostering the development of solar energy in Europe. During the conference, Pablo Alvarez emphasized the advantages of HJT products. He highlighted that HJT technology stands as the next generation's highly industrialized and advanced technology. Module using HJT technology exhibit advantages such as high bifaciality, no PID, low degradation, and  low temperature coefficient. Furthermore, based on the core 4-step process advantage of HJT cells, the yield of HJT module can reach up to 99%, with production of ammonia nitrogen free wastewater, making it more environmentally friendly and a truly supportive product for global net-zero carbon emissions


    To provide a more intuitive validation of the advantages of HJT module products, AKCOME constructed empirical platforms of approximately 5.5 KW using HJT 700 W bifacial modules, TOPCon 575 W bifacial modules, and PERC 660 W bifacial modules. Through empirical data comparison, between the 3rd week of July and the 4th quarter of October, the average wattage output of HJT 700 W bifacial modules was 3.31% higher than TOPCon modules and 6.22% higher than PERC modules, effectively showcasing the advantages of HJT module in enhancing power generation.


    As a pioneering enterprise deeply immersed in HJT technology from the early stages, AKCOME has consistently been actively exploring and developing HJT cell and module technology. It has achieved remarkable success in various avenues aimed at cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. Leveraging extensive application of the 0BB (no busbars) technology, AKCOME has surpassed an efficiency breakthrough of 730 W with its HJT modules to date. Looking ahead, AKCOME is committed to further delving into cost reduction and efficiency enhancement pathways, striving to exceed 740 W+ in power output from HJT modules. Simultaneously, by optimizing product design, improving production processes, and bolstering quality control, the HJT cell of AKCOME have achieved an efficiency breakthrough of over 25.6%, with an average production efficiency of 25.4%. Recently, the globally recognized research institution, BloombergNEF, released its rankings and classifications for global photovoltaic module manufacturers for the fourth quarter of 2023. AKCOME retained its position on the Tier 1 list due to its robust corporate strength, securing a place among top-level module manufacturers.


    Furthermore, Pablo Alvarez outlined the strategic planning of AKCOME in research and production. In the future, AKCOME will continue to escalate research and development investments to propel innovation and development in HJT technology. Additionally, the company will expand its production scale, augmenting its capacity to meet the ever-growing market demands.


    In recent years, the demand for high-quality photovoltaic products in the European market has continued to rise. AKCOME is actively responding to this trend by consistently optimizing its products and services, enhancing brand influence, and furthering strategic collaborations with local partners in Europe. Together, these efforts aim to drive the flourishing development of the European photovoltaic market.

    During this seminar, AKCOME showcased its leading position and robust research and development capabilities in the field of HJT technology to the industry. Simultaneously, it conveyed a steadfast commitment and ongoing determination for continuous innovation to the European market. AKCOME will persist in leveraging its technological prowess as the foundation and placing product quality at its core, aiming to provide more efficient and cleaner products to global customers. This commitment aims to contribute to the earlier achievement of global carbon neutrality goals.

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