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  • AKCOME was listed in the Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises!

    Akcome 2023-09-13 0 times

    Recently, during the 2023 Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum, the 2023 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises ranking was announced, and Akcome lived up to expectations by securing the 272nd position! 


    Picture | Excerpt from the 2023 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Ranking List

    It is worth noting that among the top 500 enterprises in 2023, there are a total of 259 Chinese companies, which is an increase of 14 from the previous year's 245, accounting for over 51.80%, a 2.80 percentage point increase from the previous year's 49%. 

    Over the past year, global energy supply and demand dynamics have undergone significant changes due to factors such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and other geopolitical factors. Energy prices have risen rapidly, presenting new development opportunities for the new energy industry. Additionally, the explosive growth of global new energy vehicles has driven a boom in the battery industry, resulting in increased investments. As a result, the new energy industry, especially solar and energy storage batterysectors, has seen the emergence of numerous outstanding companies. Industry competition has intensified, leading to significant changes in the competitive landscape of the sector. 


    Picture | Akcome 110um bendable heterojunction cell

    Since its establishment in 2006, Akcome has been continuously deepening its expertise in the field of new energy technology and actively building a dual-driven business development model with "new energy manufacturing + new energy services" as its core. At the same time, Akcome is committed to establishing a sustainable governance system and actively promoting low-carbon management throughout the entire lifecycle of its products. Through green manufacturing, Akcome is dedicated to providing customers and society with low-carbon photovoltaic products. The latest breakthrough of Akcome is the 0BB technology for heterojunction cells, which aims to reduce costs and improve efficiency starting from the raw materials of the products. The application of 0BB technology is expected to reduce the silver paste cost by 0.03-0.04 yuan per watt. When 0BB technology is combined with a 30% silver-coated copper paste, the final silver paste cost for heterojunction cells is estimated to be around 0.03-0.04 yuan per watt. Additionally, Akcome is actively advancing its research on the thinning process project. Currently, the 110um thin silicon wafers of Akcome are in the pilot phase, and based on the research progress, Akcome is expected to start mass production of 100um silicon wafers by the end of 2023, with the production of 90um thickness silicon wafers on the horizon. 


    As one of the pioneering top brands in the new energy industry, Akcome has consistently made it to the list of the Global Top 500 New Energy Companies for several years, fully demonstrating its steady development trend. In an increasingly challenging competitive environment, Akcome remains true to its original mission, steadily advancing and adhering to the principle of establishing a market presence through excellent products and high-quality services, forging a path to success.

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