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  • AKCOME Glitters in World Smart Energy Week Autumn Exhibition!

    Akcome 2023-09-15 0 times

    On September 13, 2023, the Autumn Exhibitions of World Smart Energy Week was grandly opened at Makuhari Messe Convention Center. As one of the biggest exhibitions in Japan, it has attracted many people inside and outside the industry. As the N-type leading enterprise, AKCOME is brilliant in this exhibition with its excellent products and bright stand design style. 


    World Smart Energy Week is the largest and most influential international renewable energy industry exhibitions in Japan and even in Asia. Organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan, the largest trade exhibition organizer in Japan with rich experience in organizing exhibitions, the exhibition has become the best platform for exploring Japan’s second largest renewable energy market and the growing renewable energy market in Asia. Distributors, traders, manufacturers, suppliers, and technology providers from the global energy industry, as well as local government officials and academic researchers, attended the exhibition. 



    AKCOME, with its two star products, AK iTopper (TOPCon) and AK iPower (HJT) appeared in Japan, namely AK iTopper 4.0/440W module, AK iTopper 5.0/580W module, AK iTopper 6.0/630W module and AK iPower 7.0/730W module, which gained a lot of attention as soon as they appeared in the exhibitions. Japanese market is the key market of overseas strategic layout for AKCOME, which focuses on the characteristics of the Japanese market and the needs of Japanese customers, has launched a series of full-scale solutions suitable for the Japanese market, which are favored by the Japanese market. Therefore, AKCOME has become one of the most popular head brands in the Japanese market, which can also be seen according to the popularity at the exhibition site. 



    AKCOME clearly knows that technological innovation is the foundation of an enterprise. In the critical period of the overall shift of the whole industry to N-type technology era, AKCOME actively follows the industrial development trend and focuses on the R&D of N-type technology with the company's technical team. The two product series exhibited in this exhibition in Japan have fully demonstrated the strong technical R&D strength of AKCOME, especially AK iPower 7.0/730W module. In recent years, AKCOME has focused on cost reduction and efficiency improvement technology of heterojunction, and has made significant progress in a plurality of core technologies of cost reduction and efficiency improvement such as wafer thinning, a microcrystalline process, silver reduction, indium-free TCO, and perovskite lamination. So far, the highest conversion efficiency of AKCOME heterojunction cell has reached 25.6%; by adopting busbar-free technology, the highest power of Akcome heterojunction module has exceeded 730W, and the highest conversion efficiency has reached 23.5%. 

    Based on the good reputation of AKCOME in the Japanese market, the exhibition of AKCOME in Japan was “fruitful” and reached an agreement with a number of overseas enterprises on the strategic cooperation of photovoltaic products. In the future, AKCOME will adhere to its original intention as always; focus on the research and development of high-efficiency photovoltaic technology, so that the affordable and reliable photovoltaic energy will benefit the world.

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