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  • Akcome Prestigiously Garners Three "Polaris Cup" Awards!

    Akcome 2023-09-20 0 times

    On September 19th, at the 12th "Polaris Cup" Solar PV Influential Brand Award Ceremony, Akcome, bolstered by our stable growth trajectory and sustained technological innovation, was honored with three major awards "2023 Influential PV Module Brand", "2023 Influential PV Mounting System Brand", and "2023 Influential PV Smart Manufacturing Outstanding Employer Enterprise".

    The "Polaris Cup" PV Influential Brand Award, hosted by Polaris Power Network and Polaris Solar PV Network, has been consecutively held for twelve sessions. The award aims to recognize enterprises that stand out in enhancing the construction of PV brands, propelling the progress and development of the PV industry, and maintaining an outstanding reputation in various industry sub-sectors. It is an industry-leading selection with significant recognition and authority. The conferment of these awards signifies the appreciation for Akcome's endeavor to empower customers with innovative technology, thereby facilitating the timely achievement of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" goals. It also vividly manifests Akcome's proactive contribution to the sustainable development of clean energy.




    ▲ Akcome Won Three "Polaris Cup" Awards

    As a stalwart in the PV industry, Akcome has been committed to the research and development of high-quality, high-efficiency solar products since its inception. Akcome's latest breakthrough in heterojunction 0BB technology focuses on cost reduction and efficiency enhancement starting from raw materials. The application of 0BB technology can reduce the silver paste cost of heterojunctions by 0.03-0.04 yuan/Watt. Coupled with a 30% silver-coated copper paste, the final silver paste cost is estimated to be around 0.03-0.04 yuan/W. Concurrently, Akcome is actively advancing wafer thinning research. Presently, Akcome's 110um thin silicon wafer has entered the pilot stage. Based on its R&D progress, it is anticipated that Akcome will introduce mass production of 100um silicon wafers by the end of 2023, with the future mass production of 90um thickness wafers on the horizon.


    ▲ Akcome participates in the Top Talk of the forum 

    During the concurrently held "Photovoltaic New Era" Forum, Mr. Luo Zhibin, Deputy General Manager of Akcome's Marketing Center, attended the "Top Talk" segment, sharing his insights on industry technology and development trends. He highlighted that, with the world's ever-increasing energy demand and escalating environmental issues, the PV industry is in a vibrant growth phase. In this fiercely competitive market, technological innovation and sustainable development are pivotal to success.

    Mr. Luo mentioned that Akcome has always driven our pursuits with technological innovation at the core, ceaselessly propelling the advancement of the PV industry. As a dynamic enterprise, Akcome will continue to amplify R&D investments, offering the global market even more efficient and reliable solar products. Concurrently, Akcome looks forward to collaborating with industry peers to collectively build a new ecosystem for the industrial chain, leading the PV industry towards positive growth.

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